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Solutions for Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy EMR, Billing, Medicare Compliance and Data Driven Coaching that help practices increase revenue, decrease expense and significantly shorten the time from patient treatment to payment.

Flexible EMR Therapists Love

  • Therapy-specific for greater productivity & compliance
  • Eases Medicare, ICD-10 & payer rule burdens to get you paid
  • Takes patient, physician & payer connections to new heights 

A flexible EMR that works like therapists — at last. It lets you take control of the clinical side of running your practice from registration and scheduling to documentation and reporting.

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Clinical & Financial Data in Perfect Harmony

  • For those who want to do their own billing
  • Brings together all patient data in one system
  • Takes the manual work out of billing activities

Everything you document should be billed and everything you bill should be documented. A single system for EMR and billing — everything do-it-yourself billers need in one place.

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Bring Pros in the Game

  • For those who want our pros to bill & collect
  • Moves from activity to measurable results
  • Takes clinical & financial outcomes to new levels

It’s not about billing. It’s about payment. Our most comprehensive solution: cloud-based EMR, proven payment and billing services, plus data driven coaching managed by our expert team.

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Nine Ways Your Practice Can Get Paid More

Discover the nine proven formulas for creating better clinical and financial outcomes—from keeping therapist schedules full and billing for every visit, to collecting every dollar owed.

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Confused by ICD-10 Codes for Physical Therapy?

ICD-10 is made easy with our free ICD-10 Cheat Sheet. Download a copy to help you spend more time with your patients and less with documentation.

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About Clinicient

Our Win / Win Strategy

Data-driven coaching and cloud-based services deliver more revenue, lower expenses and minimized time to payment for therapy practices.

Physical Therapy EMR

With over a decade of experience and nearly $1 Billion in total billings, we’ve helped outpatient therapy businesses successfully treat both the patient, and payment sides of their business. Through industry best practices and analysis of state-of-the-art data, Clinicient helps improve clinical and financial outcomes, and strengthens the patient and provider relationships. It’s not about who wins or loses - it’s how you build a business.

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(For Real This Time. As In, Most Likely.)

Did you hear that? That fired up, ready to take off, rumbling sound?

That is CMS revving its ICD-10 engine.

CMS just concluded a week of testing to determine whether it could handle ICD-10 codes submitted to Medicare.

661 participants -- including billing companies, clearinghouses, providers and suppliers -- submitted about 15,000 claims. 81 percent were accepted by CMS—an improvement from the last round of testing and a sign that the industry is almost ready.


What is ICD-10?

ICD-10 is the simplest complexity in healthcare. It’s just a coding system—a really big one.

ICD-10 is the clinical classification system currently being used by the majority of the world. It has more than 68,000 diagnoses codes, compared to ICD-9’s 15,000.

The U.S. is the only industrialized nation not using ICD-10, making it hard for payers to pay claims fairly since ICD-9 does not accurately reflect current technology and medical treatment.

What’s with all the ICD-10 Delays?

ICD-10 has been delayed three times since it was originally proposed in 2005. Much of the industry thought the latest October 1, 2014 deadline would stick, since CMS vociferously reassured physicians as recently as February 2014 that it would not change.

That is, until it changed.

For many physician practices, the 2014 ICD-10 delay was a relief. Most industry watchers believe that large health systems, payers and hospitals were prepared, but physician practices lagged.

Still, the delay took a financial toll on the healthcare industry—costing up to $6.6 billion on lost ICD-10 investments, according to American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The potential disruption to the revenue cycle could also have a particularly negative credit impact on for-profit hospitals, according to a recent Fitch Ratings report.

The new October 1, 2015, ICD-10 deadline, however, is likely to stick.

In our next blog post, we will discuss the unique implications that ICD-10 has on PTs.

To learn more about ICD-10, we also recommend watching this on-demand webinar: "Demystifying ICD-10". Knowledge is the best weapon!


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