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Defensible Medicare Documentation Made Simple

I have written extensively about the technical requirements for Medicare Compliance, and I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Nancy Beckley called Medicare Made Simple. I think the webinar gave a good, high level introduction about technical Medicare Requirements, and I hope that you find it useful. Defensible Documentation I would like to step away from the technical requirements a bit in this article, and offer some basic advice on creating Defensible Documentation. These


Why EMR Implementations Fail in Physical Therapy

Remember, there is only one major reason that some EMR implementations fail: therapist adoption of the system. In the worst case, the clinical staff either explicitly rebels against using the system. More commonly, the staff simply refuses to adapt to the system and use it as designed. If the therapist refuses to use the system as it was configured and as designed, it just won’t live up to the potential that was envisioned in the sales process


Postponing Real Reform: ICD-10, Therapy Cap and Medicare Fee Schedule

ICD-10 Implementation Delayed Until 2015 A  few hours ago, I was huddled together with some of my colleagues at Clinicient to watch an important Senate vote.  It was an important vote for our profession, but sad to say, it wasn’t a vote on meaningful healthcare reform. It was yet another vote to postpone real reform and kick the can down the road. Among many things, it postponed a 24% cut in the Medicare Fee Schedule,


There’s Still Time: Register for 3/27 ICD-10 Webinar!

Beyond the Hype: What therapists should know about ICD-10 Join us this Thursday, March 27th, to find out what you need to know about ICD-10 as the October 1, 2014 deadline to transition looms closer. Join Physical Therapist Jerry Henderson, and Product Manager David Stockman as they weed through the hype about ICD-10 and share what is important to know about ICD-10 to help your practice prepare. This is a webinar every practice owner, therapist and


Functional Limitation Reporting on Multiple Plans of Care

I feel like I start every conversation lately with, “I don’t think CMS is intentionally evil, but…”  And, so it is today.  I don’t think CMS is intentionally evil, but the latest developments in Functional Limitation Reporting are causing providers claim denials simply because CMS made the whole process too complex. Unintended Discharges The current issue is how CMS handles Unintended Discharges (or Self-discharged patients). It turns out that the Medicare Contractors (MACS) are having difficulty


Creating a SMART Plan of Care for Physical Therapy

I am very proud of our accomplishments at Clinicient.  Over the past 10 years, we have listened closely to our customers, paid attention to trends in the industry, and developed  the best fully integrated, totally configurable EMR coupled with the most efficient and cost effective Revenue Cycle Management Service for physical rehabilitation on the planet. (Just my opinion, you understand, but I can back it up.) The Clinical Content Management System, Template Based Documentation, and


ICD-10 for Physical Therapy: Don’t Believe the Hype

The APTA Combined Sections Meeting a few weeks ago was great and Las Vegas is a great city to host it. Everything in Vegas is over the top and larger than life. It seems fitting then that some people were going over the top with their doomsday scenarios about ICD-10 for physical therapy. You may have heard something like this at the conference, or in other forums out there: “Start hiring extra staff!” “You should



This is getting serious. There is a chance that the therapy cap exceptions process will not be extended after the end of March. If this stands: Use of the KX modifier to charge for medically necessary services above the cap provided after March 31, 2014 will not be allowed Medicare will not pay any more than $1920 for PT/Speech combined, or more than $1920 for OT for all of 2014 It will have a huge financial


Assuming Good Intentions with Medicare and Physical Therapy Treatment

PQRS has the worthy intention of improving quality. But, the measures were really designed for physician practices. The subset of measures that may be used by PT, OT and Speech bear little relation to rehabilitation practices. PQRS looks more like a way to decrease reimbursement than to improve quality


PQRS Made Simple?

I just had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Nancy Beckley called Medicare Made Simple.  Our goals in the webinar were to review basic Medicare requirements and to offer our listeners some practical background information and resources that they could use in their practice.  We also invited our listeners to send us a note if they had any questions. Nancy and I were both astounded at the number of questions and the amount of

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