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Are You Selling Your Therapist’s Time in Your Physical Therapy Practice?

Lets take a trip down memory lane for a moment and revisit a great blog written last year by Clinicient President, Jim Plymale, on how effectively you sell your therapists time. Don’t Be Afraid of the “S” Word:  We’re all in Sales  I was talking with @Jerry_DurhamPT at the APTA Combined Sections meeting in San Diego, CA in January and we were discussing the fact that most physical therapists wouldn’t see themselves as salespeople. Jerry


Why You Should Forget About Referrals

I have spoken to thousands of practice owners and physical therapists over the years. The ones with the most patients walking through the front door always have one thing in common: they don’t worry about getting referrals. They focus on the patient experience. They know that if you manage patient experience well, the referrals follow. This may seem like a no brainer. Handling clinical needs is what we are trained to do. But managing a


3 Steps to Medicare Compliance (That Most Therapists Fail)

Compliance isn’t hard. We make it hard. In fact, only three steps stand in the way of avoiding penalties, securing payment, and staying out of the headlines. Know the rules Have a platform that knows the rules Use the platform It seems unbelievably simple. Because it is. So why do so many physical therapists struggle to remain compliant? Step #1: Know the Rules Most physical therapists fail here. It’s hard to blame them. As I


Maintaining Independence Amidst Healthcare Reform

In less than two years, Medicare, the nation’s largest payer, has been implementing payer reform aggressively for rehabilitation practices with complex programs: continued therapy caps, manual medical reviews, functional limitation reporting, MPPR, and now mandatory PQRS reporting. Managing these requirements places a tremendous hardship on practices, and failure to comply puts them at risk of claim denials, significant fines and even loss of their practice. As predicted, other commercial payers are beginning to follow suit, compounding


UnitedHealthcare Adopts Functional Limitation Reporting Effective Aug 1st

Another Sign of Payer Reform In yet another sign of continuing payer reform, UnitedHealthcare announced that effective August 1, 2014 Functional Limitation Reporting (FLR) codes are required on all claims for their UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans as well as AARP-branded Medicare Complete Plans. Clinicient Customers Already Prepared Clinicient anticipated this when we introduced the automation of functional limitation reporting into the Clinicient product last year, allowing our customers to stay ahead of—and seamlessly transition to—the


Defensible Medicare Documentation Made Simple

I have written extensively about the technical requirements for Medicare Compliance, and I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Nancy Beckley called Medicare Made Simple. I think the webinar gave a good, high level introduction about technical Medicare Requirements, and I hope that you find it useful. Defensible Documentation I would like to step away from the technical requirements a bit in this article, and offer some basic advice on creating Defensible Documentation. These


Why EMR Implementations Fail in Physical Therapy

Remember, there is only one major reason that some EMR implementations fail: therapist adoption of the system. In the worst case, the clinical staff either explicitly rebels against using the system. More commonly, the staff simply refuses to adapt to the system and use it as designed. If the therapist refuses to use the system as it was configured and as designed, it just won’t live up to the potential that was envisioned in the sales process


Postponing Real Reform: ICD-10, Therapy Cap and Medicare Fee Schedule

ICD-10 Implementation Delayed Until 2015 A  few hours ago, I was huddled together with some of my colleagues at Clinicient to watch an important Senate vote.  It was an important vote for our profession, but sad to say, it wasn’t a vote on meaningful healthcare reform. It was yet another vote to postpone real reform and kick the can down the road. Among many things, it postponed a 24% cut in the Medicare Fee Schedule,


There’s Still Time: Register for 3/27 ICD-10 Webinar!

Beyond the Hype: What therapists should know about ICD-10 Join us this Thursday, March 27th, to find out what you need to know about ICD-10 as the October 1, 2014 deadline to transition looms closer. Join Physical Therapist Jerry Henderson, and Product Manager David Stockman as they weed through the hype about ICD-10 and share what is important to know about ICD-10 to help your practice prepare. This is a webinar every practice owner, therapist and


Functional Limitation Reporting on Multiple Plans of Care

I feel like I start every conversation lately with, “I don’t think CMS is intentionally evil, but…”  And, so it is today.  I don’t think CMS is intentionally evil, but the latest developments in Functional Limitation Reporting are causing providers claim denials simply because CMS made the whole process too complex. Unintended Discharges The current issue is how CMS handles Unintended Discharges (or Self-discharged patients). It turns out that the Medicare Contractors (MACS) are having difficulty

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