Home Exercise Program for Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program Software

Save Time and Increase Patient Compliance with Integrated, Video-based Home Exercise Program

When it comes to physical therapy home exercise programs both therapists and patients can struggle. Therapists struggle finding the time to create effective home exercise programs for patients. Patients struggle to remember how to perform the exercises correctly at home without their therapist by their side. With the new Clinicient home exercise program these struggles are a thing of the past.

Clinicient’s web-based physical therapy home exercise program makes it fast and efficient to create professional home exercise programs your patients can easily understand and comply with successfully at home. It integrates the market’s most comprehensive home exercise program into a patient’s medical chart, enabling therapists to quickly create, reference, update and share personalized exercise programs patients can more easily comply with at home. Patients can receive the home exercise program via email while they’re still in the office and can access their individual home exercise program via the web or from your patient portal anytime—so they have the videos, photos and detailed instructions they need to correctly follow their home exercises when on the go.


The Clinicient Home Exercise Program solution is a practical, efficient and safe way to continue the momentum of in-office treatments with home exercise programs patients can replicate on the go with trust and confidence.

Create personalized Home Exercise Programs quickly and efficiently

  • Start with thousands of pre-loaded, professionally tested exercises
  • No wasteful or costly paper print outs or hard to understand drawings
  • Create and reuse standard exercise templates and protocols
  • Set up preferences
  • Upload videos/pictures of your patient performing the exercise correctly
  • Maintain a record within the patient notes for easy reference, updating and follow up
  • Save time explaining exercises over and over in the clinic

Increase Home Exercise Compliance

  • Enable patients to securely access their home exercise program anytime and anywhere
  • Fit your patient’s learning style with videos, photos, line drawings, and detailed instructions
  • Help patients stay on track with compliance grids
  • Personalize the program with videos and photos of the patient performing exercises correctly

Home Exercise Patient Portal and Email Integration Make Communication Easy

  • Email HEPs to patients in real-time before they leave your office
  • Let patients easily access their HEP from your patient portal
  • Enhance your service offering with access to exercises on web-enabled devices
  • Express your professional image with branded email and patient web portals
  • Provide secure and private environment
  • Free two-month trial – try before you buy
  • Free customer service
  • Less than an hour to set up
  • Web-based no software to buy or maintain
  • Save money on paper, toner and other printing costs

Save time and money

  • Free two-month trial – try before you buy
  • Free customer service
  • Less than an hour to set up
  • Web-based no software to buy or maintain
  • Save money on paper, toner and other printing costs




Clinicient’s web-based physical therapy home exercise program software offers the most comprehensive tools around to make it fast and easy to create professional home exercise programs patients can easily understand and comply with at home.

Physical Therapy Exercise Program Creation

  • Integrates Physiotec™ physical therapy exercise program into therapist’s note taking
  • An expanding library of more than 5,000 pre-loaded home physical therapy exercises
  • Variety of specialty areas
  • Create, customize and re-use standard exercise protocols
  • Reference, update and change home exercise programs  in notes
  • Date stamped home exercise programs  automatically attached in chart
  • Upload your own videos, pictures or line drawings
  • Five different video formats optimized for common devices
  • Easy search

Physical Therapy Exercise Compliance

  • Patient home exercise web portal
  • Email PDF of initial and updated home exercise programs  to patient
  • Computer, tablet or smartphone access
  • Home physical therapy exercise videos, pictures, drawings and detailed instructions
  • Patients can view video/pictures of themselves performing exercises
  • Compliance grid for easy exercise tracking
  • English, Spanish or French language options

Practice Image and Branding

  • Branded web portal option
  • Branded email
  • Professional quality videos
  • Leading-edge home exercise tools

Physical Therapy Exercise Program Set-up and Service

  • No risk, free two-month trial
  • One-click set-up
  • Free live-person customer service
  • Free set up support for patient portal
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant





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