Simplified Medicare PQRS

Clinicient simplifies Medicare PQRS reporting for physical therapy

Eliminate PQRS reporting headaches with Clinicient

Our all-in-one system turns PQRS reporting into a seamless and routine part of your normal documentation process, making it easy and efficient for practices to:

  • Earn PQRS bonuses through 2014
  • Avoid PQRS penalties in 2016
  • Capture and report PQRS data seamlessly
  • Ensure accurate and efficient reporting
  • No added costs to report 

Best of all, Clinicient’s documentation software was designed to automatically prompt therapists of PQRS requirements and when they are due so you don't have to worry about missing reporting requirements. 




Functional Limitation Reporting for PTs, OTs and SLPs

Simplify functional limitation reporting and ensure you're compliant every time. 

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Medicare Therapy Caps and Manual Medical Review

Ease therapist's compliance burdens with automated tracking and management.

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Medicare Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR)

Get the insight and guidance you need to minimize the impact of MPPR. 

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PQRS Reporting for Physical Therapy

Enjoy hassle-free PQRS reporting with our automated processes and all-in-one system.

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ICD-9 to ICD-10 Planning and Readiness

Our preparation for the transition to ICD-10 will ensure you're ready in October 2015.

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Take control with our expert guidance on how to stay ahead of Medicare changes.