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Practice Sees Revenue Boost After Upgrading to Clinicient System

Physical Therapy Products May 10, 2016

After upgrading its analytics and services solution to the Total INSIGHT system from Clinicient, Oakland, Calif-based Physical Therapy Innovations (PTI) reports a $50K revenue increase over the course of the year.

The practice has been using Clinicient’s Practice INSIGHT system since December 2014, but it recently chose to upgrade to Total INSIGHT. Its goal for the upgrade was to automate two-thirds of the care delivery chain’s manual processes.

A comparison of the first 7 months on Total INSIGHT with the first 7 months on Practice INSIGHT revealed that PTI’s revenue was poised to increase by $50,000 over the course of the year.

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Not a Cup of Coffee

May 3, 2016

Strategies for fighting physical therapy commoditization.

I travel a lot. It is one of the most meaningful parts of my job. I love visiting therapists across the country and learning about the problems they need help solving.

When I am on the road, I sleep in hotels, eat food I do not normally eat, and wake up at different times. Despite the many things in flux, there is always one constant: a Starbucks cup of coffee.

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Physical Therapy Innovations Boosts Annual Revenue by 50k After Upgrading to Total INSIGHT

Leading Bay Area outpatient rehabilitation provider reports dramatic financial improvement after switching to fully automated clinical, financial, and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution

PORTLAND, Ore., May 3, 2016

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, today announced that Physical Therapy Innovations (PTI) of Oakland, Calif., has successfully upgraded to the Company's Total INSIGHT fully automated clinical, financial, and RCM solution, and has already begun to see immediate ROI.

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El Dorado Physical Therapy Selects Clinicient Total INSIGHT

Leading Sacramento outpatient rehabilitation improves patient results, financial performance by automating manual billing tasks.

Portland, Ore., March 22, 2016 

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, today announced that El Dorado Physical Therapy Inc. has selected the Company's Total INSIGHT integrated clinical, financial, and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution at its three Sacramento, California locations.

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Clinicient Applauds State, Federal Actions to Prevent Opioid Addiction and Overdoses

Portland, Ore., March 17, 2016 

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, is pleased to announce the Company’s enthusiastic support for recent major state and federal efforts to stymie the opioid public health crisis, as outlined below. Clinicient has been an ardent proponent of physical therapy, coupled with the very limited use of opioids, to help patients manage and ultimately relieve their pain naturally.

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Succeeding in Payment Reform

Impact, March 3, 2016:

The fee-for-service (a payment model where services are unbundled and paid for separately) system is dysfunctional. It is designed to pay us for what we do, not what we know. We are financially rewarded for providing more care but not necessarily better care.

The keys to success in tomorrow’s pay-for-performance system will be better case management and better communication. There is some good news: Preparing for tomorrow’s incentives now, will make your practice more successful today.

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Clinicient CEO Rick Jung to Present at Prestigious Montgomery Summit

Presentation will outline success strategies for outpatient rehab market as new pay-for-performance reimbursement models shake up the status quo

Los Angeles, Ca., March 2, 2016 

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, is proud to announce that the Company has been selected to present at the annual Montgomery Summit, a highly selective business and technology conference taking place in Santa Monica, California on March 8 and 9, 2016. 

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First 2016 Clinicient EMPOWER Event to Be Held in New Orleans

Educational event to coach participants on Medicare compliance, customer experience and referrals, and the effective use of PT to fight the national opioid addiction epidemic

Portland, Ore., February 25, 2016

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, today announced open registration for EMPOWER: New Orleans, its first 2016 educational event for practice owners, therapists, and administrators. It is the fourth installment of the highly popular series, following heavily attended events in Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago in 2015.

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Family Achievement Center Upgrades to Clinicient’s Total INSIGHT® Platform

Leading Minnesota pediatric outpatient rehab practice decides that software alone is not enough to navigate a turbulent business climate

Portland, Ore., February 8, 2016

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, today announced that Family Achievement Center in St. Paul, Minn. has upgraded to Clinicient’s Total INSIGHT integrated clinical, financial, and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution. 

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Rebound Physical Therapy Selects Clinicient’s INSIGHT® Platform

Leading Massachusetts-based rehabilitation provider sees early improvements in patient conversion and engagement, as well as therapist documentation of billable time

Portland, Ore., January 25, 2016

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, today announced that Rebound Physical Therapy, a leading orthopedic and sports medicine practice in the metro west Boston area, has successfully implemented the Company’s INSIGHT integrated clinical, financial, and revenue cycle management solution at its three locations. By automating formerly burdensome manual tasks with INSIGHT, Rebound Physical Therapy reported early gains in many business areas, including its ability to convert and retain patients and bill completely for its therapy team’s treatments.

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The Paperless Practice

Advance Healthcare Network for PT and Rehab Medicine, January 21, 2016:

As healthcare continues to experience a shift from manual record management to electronic practice management systems, owners of private physical therapy practices are finding newfound ease and success in day-to-day operations. By using desktop software, client-server software and Internet-based software, information can now be more efficiently stored and managed than ever before.

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Proving Our Value With Data

Advance Healthcare Network for PT and Rehab Medicine, January 18, 2016:

I personally believe that our profession is an excellent value. That is, our efforts provide a great benefit for the cost.

Unfortunately, regardless of the conviction of my beliefs, we have an obligation to prove it to payers and, more importantly, to the consumer. Believing that we provide a great value is easy; proving it is hard.

Value is often defined as outcomes divided by costs. But measuring outcomes, and to a lesser extent costs, is difficult. And, of course, if we can’t measure costs or outcomes, we can’t prove our value.

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Momentum Physical Therapy Upgrades to Clinicient's TotalInsight

Virginia outpatient rehab practice reports seamless migration to TotalInsight, even as ICD-10 arrives a month into go-live

Portland, Ore., December 23, 2015

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, today announced that Momentum Physical Therapy (Gainesville and Manassas, VA) has upgraded to the Company's TotalInsight integrated clinical, financial, and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution.

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Survey: Only 15% of Outpatient Rehab Practices Poised to Collect Full Payment

Clinicient surveys hundreds of private practice therapists and administrators to gauge the industry's payment collection skill

Portland, Ore., December 8, 2015

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation automation solutions, today announced the results of its most recent industry survey, titled: "Collect Every Dollar." More than 400 private practice outpatient rehabilitation practice owners, administrators and therapists responded to a six-question, brand-neutral survey that gauged their ability to secure timely and complete payment for their treatments. Of the survey participants, only 15 percent had confidence that they:

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Top of Your Game

Impact Magazine, November 11, 2015:
Clinicient executive and RN, Janet Lanham, is featured in Impact Magazine discussing how PTs can use leadership strategies to improve their practice's bottom-line.  
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APTA Practice of the Year Performance Physical Therapy Selects Clinicient

Practice Strives to Further Advance its Own “Performance” with Improved Understanding of its Business and Delivered Patient Outcomes

Portland, Ore., November 11, 2015—

Clinicient Inc., a leader in rehabilitation business solutions, today announced that Performance Physical Therapy – one of the top-rated rehab practices in America – has selected Clinicient for its next-generation practice management platform. Performance Physical Therapy is a 60-clinical therapist, nationally-recognized practice, honored with the American Physical Therapy Association’s Private Practice Section’s 2014 Jayne L. Snyder “Practice of the Year” Award. With nine clinics throughout Rhode Island, it has also been honored for rehab, small business, and employer excellence, as well as distinguished community involvement.

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FOTO’s Outcomes Reporting System Integrates With Clinicient’s Insight Platform

Clinicient and FOTO Integration Puts Complete Clinical and Financial Outcomes Data at Therapists’ Fingertips

Portland, Ore., November 10, 2015—

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation automation solutions, today announced a technological collaboration with Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO®), a medical rehabilitation company that measures and reports functional outcomes. As a result of their combined efforts, FOTO's Web-based outcomes measurement system will fully integrate with Clinicient’s clinical, financial, and revenue cycle management platform, Insight, to easily measure and communicate the quality and efficiency of patient treatments.

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Building on its success, Portland's Clinicient looks to hire a slew of workers

Portland Business Journal, October 7, 2015:
Portland software maker Clinicient makes tools used by outpatient and rehabilitation centers to manage billing and other processes. Come next year, it's set to do much more than that. The company is laying the groundwork to start entering the in-patient market. It could even offer products in such specialties as anesthesiology, said CEO Rick Jung.

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