Earn PQRS bonuses in 2014, and avoid future penalties in 2016
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PQRS Requirements for Physical Therapy

Medicare PQRS Reporting for Physical Therapy

Understanding the 2014 Changes

The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS, formerly PQRI) is a voluntary reporting program started by CMS in 2006. It created a financial incentive to report data on quality measures for Medicare Part B services paid under the physician fee schedule. Its goal is to improve healthcare quality and help prepare for future pay-for-performance programs. The incentives are being phased out after 2014. Starting in 2015, penalties will be applied for not reporting. Practices must report in 2014 to avoid payment reduction in 2016.

2014 Changes

2014 PQRS requirements:

  • To avoid a payment reduction of 2%, which will be imposed in 2016, for participation in 2014:  Report on 3 or more measures on at least 50% of the visits where the measure was eligible for reporting.
  • To gain a bonus payment, which will be disbursed in 2015:  Report on all of the available measures on at least 50% of the visits where the measure was eligible for reporting.


With the support of Clinicient, you’ll experience the freedom from worrying about manually tracking and reporting PQRS measures. Best of all, Clinicient’s documentation software was designed to automatically prompt therapists of PQRS requirements and when they are due. To learn more, schedule a demonstration and learn how to get started today.

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FREE Participation

Use Clinicient to Participate in PQRS the Easy Way

Use Clinicient to Participate in PQRS the Easy Way

Clinicient has made it easy to participate in the PQRS since the very beginning in 2006. A truly integrated system from end-to-end, Clinicient offers point-of-care and compliance management tools that make PQRS reporting painless. Using our seamless system practices can:

  • Earn all allowable PQRS bonuses through 2014 – no leaving money on the table
  • Avoid PQRS penalties in 2016
  • Make it seamless and easy to capture PQRS data during the documentation process
  • Ensure reporting accuracy and efficiency
  • Create a culture of PQRS compliance throughout your practice

Physical therapists love Clinicient because it puts everything they need to successfully report right at their fingertips. Management loves Clinicient because they can easily track and monitor PQRS reporting to maximize current incentive bonuses and protect against future penalties.

Clinicient’s PQRS Reporting Gives You Control and Confidence with No Added Costs

Clinicient uses claims-based submissions to report PQRS data. Unlike other products, Clinicient is a fully integrated system and does not rely on 3rd party vendors for billing. This means you don’t have to worry that the ball will be dropped between vendors when submitting PQRS data.

Advantages of claims-based reporting:

  • Review each claim before it is submitted (CMS does not allow you to resubmit PQRS claims)
  • No additional cost or annual fee to maintain
  • Collect and report from a single integrated system so there are no worries of lost data


Why Clinicient?

Clinicient PQRS Solution

The Clinicient PQRS Solution

Clinicient provides the built-in PQRS point-of-care and reporting tools physical therapy practices need to effortlessly capture and submit PQRS data.

Clinicient PQRS Features:

  • Therapist prompted with qualified measures
  • Therapist prompted at sign-off if measures are missing to qualify
  • Automatic PQRS coding at documentation sign off
  • Fully integrated solution – one system for EMR and billing, no importing or exporting
  • Claim-based submission of PQRS codes
  • Seamless chart integration
  • View detailed descriptions of applicable PQRS measures
  • Pre-submission claim review and audit
  • Front desk and administration PQRS alerts
  • PQRS management tracking and reporting tools

Clinicient PQRS Benefits:

  • Enables you to review claims before they are submitted. CMS does not allow you to resubmit PQRS data.
  • Provides prompts and alerts to ensure eligibility and the accurate number of measures are reported
  • Makes PQRS data capture and reporting an integrated and easy part of the documentation process
  • Enables management to monitor every therapist’s performance throughout the year
  • No added costs to deploy or annual fee to submit claims – unlike registry based methods



Physical Therapy PQRS Measures Supported by Clinicient


  • Measure 128: BMI Screening and Follow-Up
  • Measure 130: Current Medications in the Medical Record
  • Measure 131: Pain Assessment Prior to Initiation of Patient Therapy and Follow-up
  • Measure 154: Falls Risk Assessment
  • Measure 155: Falls Plan of Care
  • Measure 182: Functional Outcome Assessment
  • Measure 245: Chronic Wound Care: Use of Wound Surface Culture Technique



The same eligible measures as for PTs plus the following:

  • Measure 134: Screening for Clinical Depression
  • Measure 181: Elderly Maltreatment Screening
  • Measure 226: Tobacco Use



  • Measure 130: Current Medications in the Medical Record
  • Measure 131: Pain Assessment Prior to Initiation of Patient Therapy and Follow-up

Medicare for Physical Therapists PQRS Made Simple

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the slides from our January, 2014 Webinar, “Medicare Made Simple: Demystifying PQRS and other CMS Requirements”

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    "I have the luxury of being a user for 10 years. I have successfully reported PQRS for the last 3 years and my testing for functional limitation reporting is successful already, so I know that as of July 1st, I will continue to get paid. All of this is built in to the software, making the very recent changes in our field that all practices need to participate in easy."

    -Brian Kinmartin, PT, Practice Owner
    Professional Rehabilitation Services