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Precisely measure and track your outpatient physical therapy business performance and activity using Clinicient’s customizable, web-based management and reporting software. Whether you’re just starting a physical therapy practice, or have an established business, our integrated system will help you easily analyze your productivity. Interactive reports identify areas needing support or improvement. And you can quickly and efficiently take action on patient accounts, therapist productivity, physician correspondence, and A/R.

Learn more about the opportunity to drill down to A/R details, market to target groups or about the overall benefits to your therapy practice with the Clinicient EMR Management & Reporting program. And remember – our practice management system is securely accessible wherever you have Internet access, even when away from the office.



With the Clinicient Management & Reporting software program, the ability to track, review, and improve your physical therapy private practice is just a click away. Configurable to your unique outpatient business requirements, the simple-to-use system:

  • Tracks performance of critical areas that affect the health of private practice: missed appointments, outcomes, payers, therapist productivity, referring physicians, and treatments
  • Catches performance issues and gets down to root causes before they become problems
  • Facilitates communication with therapy patients, physicians, attorneys and payers
  • Makes marketing to patients, physicians or other contacts easy and quick
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Is flexible in integrating data with other systems
  • Eliminates wasted paper by reproducing information as needed on the fly

Review the many user-friendly Management & Reporting system features that will help make your clinical management efforts efficient – and guarantee your therapy practice a level of professionalism you can feel secure in.



Streamline and improve your therapy business with Clinicient’s Management & Reporting EMR software – designed to support Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy practices.

Customizable features include:

  • Electronic reports tied directly to transactions
  • Immediate, real-time, up-to-the-minute information
  • Ability to drill down to details and transactions behind totals
  • Over 250 pre-loaded templates for tracking referrals, missed appointments, outcomes, staff productivity, authorizations, payers, diagnosis codes, denials, cash flow, reimbursement rates, collections, and more
  • Extensive administrative reports for managing front desk tasks – sign-in sheets, co-pay collections
  • Clinical report templates for certifications, evaluations
  • Easily customizable reports
  • Automatically generated cover sheets
  • Personal dashboards configurable to track key metrics
  • Management reports on therapist productivity
  • Data pulled from both scheduling and documentation
  • Quickly generated task lists based on report outcomes
  • Easy reformatting; add logos, change layouts
  • Customized letters easily created for patients, physicians, attorneys and payers with dynamically updated content fields
  • Custom letters and surveys created with mail merge to selected groups of patients, physicians or other contacts for marketing or other follow up
  • Patient discharge survey provided to assess patient satisfaction
  • All correspondence saved as part of patient medical record; reproduce as needed without wasting paper
  • Drag and drop analysis; create and save custom reports and analyze per unique requirements
  • Referral performance tracked by doctor, by diagnosis, visits, and payments
  • Trend analysis to quickly catch performance issues
  • Reports exported to Excel or CSV for further analysis and integration with data from other systems
  • Reports exported to PDF to email or post to intranet

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