10 Most Connected Women in Physical Therapy

In honor of the first Women in PT summit happening this Friday, I thought I would dive deeper into the world of influential women in physical therapy. This top 10 list is full of leading females in PT, but, to be honest, it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of incredible female therapy entrepreneurs in our industry. The majority of the women below are also focused on women’s health and can be a great resource for you if that’s what you’re interested in (whether you’re a client or colleague).

Like our 100 most influential people in physical therapy list, we used Little Bird’s real time, topic search capability to determine the results for this article – there’s even some overlap between the top 10 from each list (girl power!). I assume that some of the names below will sound familiar, but I also hope that you find some new women to follow and continue to trail blaze along with them.

See below our top 10 most connected women in the world of physical therapy. Let us know in the comments who you look up to and enjoy following as well!

  1. Selena Horner: Known as both TherapyGirl5 and SnippetPhysTher on Twitter, Selena is a leading physical therapist and owner at Red Cedar Physical Therapy in Michigan and also provides marketing and social media support to FOTO, a web-based therapeutic outcomes system. Follow her online for news and tips from the PT world. You can find her on Twitter and also on our blog, talking about what she has learned in the social media world.
  2. Karen Litzy: I like to refer to Karen as the queen of PT (she was also number seven on our list of the top 100 PTs). In addition to the popular Healthy, Wealthy & Smart podcast she hosts, Karen also owns a home health practice in NYC, is the official spokesperson for the APTA, ambassador of FitFluential and organizer for this year’s inaugural Women in PT summit. Follow her on Twitter to learn more about all she’s involved in and get daily inspiration for your practice and/or business.
  3. Sandy Hilton: Another member of our top 100 PT list, Sandy is the co-owner of Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness in Chicago along with Sarah Haag (see her info below) as well as the co-host of the Pain Science & Sensibility podcast. In PT, Sandy enjoys bringing science and common sense together to help people learn how to better help themselves. Follow her on Twitter for tips from a PT as well as musings from around Chicago.
  4. Ann Wendel: Alright, let’s all geek out around Ann Wendel together (and yet another top 100 PT member, coming in at number 8). Ann is an internationally recognized women’s health PT, is the Director of Brand Marketing at Strive Labs, a spokesperson for the APTA and on the advisory board for Girls Gone Strong – a seriously cool organization promoting women’s health in all forms. Follow Ann on Twitter for more women’s health info, industry news and even some healthy recipes.
  5. Julie Wiebe: Julie is a sports medicine physical therapist and women’s health evangelist, specializing in the way women recover from sports injuries and pregnancy to return them to high levels of fitness and activity. Julie has a practice in LA and even shares her approach to fitness through online courses and DVDs. Follow her on Twitter here.
  6. Stephania Bell: Stephania is a PT and board certified orthopedic specialist turned injury analyst and senior writer for ESPN. Every sports fan should follow her for her in-depth knowledge of sports coupled with insights into player injuries. Stephania was also featured in our round up of sports medicine experts to watch. If you are interested in any facet of sports, athletes or just general sports medicine, she’s a great person to follow on Twitter.
  7. Sarah Haag: I might be a little biased on this one since we have featured Sarah on our blog a couple times, talking about how to market your practice (here and here), but she is the other half of the Entropy Physiotherapy & Wellness practice in Chicago and board certified as a specialist in women’s health. Follow her on Twitter for info on women’s health, the GetPT1st campaign and more.
  8. Rachael Lowe: Rachael is the founding director of Physiopedia, an online universal knowledge base filled with physiotherapy and physical therapy knowledge. Prior to Physiopedia, Rachael had a successful clinical career, launching her own physiotherapy clinics, but her passion lied within knowledge sharing and providing free and open access to the physiotherapy and PT communities. Physiopedia is now the largest and most popular physiotherapy related website. Follow Rachael on twitter here.
  9. Nicole Stout: Nicole holds a DPT and is an elected member of the board of directors of the APTA. A slight departure from the rest of this list, she works in a consultancy role at 3E Services, identifying innovative health delivery system, policy and marketing solutions for providers through the use of health IT data. Nicole is also viewed as an international expert for her research on cancer rehabilitation. Follow her on Twitter for cancer rehabilitation and women’s health info.
  10. Sue Falsone: Sue is a board-certified clinical specialist in sports physical therapy, a certified athletic trainer, certified orthopedic manual therapist for the spine and a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Sue holds the distinction of being the first female head athletic trainer in any of the four major sports in the United States (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA). She is the owner of Structure and Function, and currently is the Associate Professor of Athletic Training at A.T. Still University. Follow her on Twitter for info around sports therapy, dry needling, and the occasional wine article.

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