An Ode to Physical Therapy Telehealth

I write this narrative after ten and a half weeks of working from home as a physical therapist. I showered and shaved every morning. Put on my work clothes and made my coffee. With coffee in hand, I prepared for my eight to ten-hour day of Telehealth physical therapy. I fired up two laptops and organized my portable treatment table and “home gym” area.

Before my daily journey to my basement I would try to have a moment with my family over breakfast, and then, off to work. In those ten-plus weeks, I did 435 physical therapy telehealth treatment sessions. I met these patients, greeted them, cut them short when getting too chatty, and worked with them. I empowered them to use whatever resources necessary.

Creativity is key to physical therapy telehealth. My patients and I used belts, ropes, cans of soup, chili, and beans, etc. We used wine bottles and water bottles of every shape and size. We recruited sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and girlfriends for piggy-back rides (when weights were not enough). We went up stairs, down stairs, to the basement, the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. We journeyed to the back yard, patio, high school track, driveways, garages and the family member’s houses. I even went along on vacation. If driving to another house is really considered a vacation. And we tied knots. Ahh, tying knots in elastic bands. Remember teaching your child how to tie his or her shoelaces? Imagine teaching this from a computer screen and microphone…ACL rehab was a piece of cake after that! Good luck all.

Bittersweet Farewell

Time to pack up my laptop.
Dust off my khakis.
Well, not exactly khakis…
If purple Levi's can count as khakis!
For ten plus weeks I have been home.
I took with me my cherished patients
And met some new ones along the way.
They welcomed me into their homes,
Some begrudgingly at first.
Most with open arms.
I know their faces,
Their homes,
Their family and pets.
It’s time to say farewell, but not Good-bye.
I will see you soon.
In my office.
On my table.
In my hands.
I will hear you,
But only seeing you
From behind masks.
First of green, white, blue, and purple.
Now, endless patterns.
My words bellowed by my lips
Now heard through my eyes.
My mouth hidden.
My words still loud.
My passion louder.
I will help you.
YOU will help you.
Together WE will help you.
From there.
From here.
From everywhere.

Paddy Jarit, PT, SCS, ATC
Owner, Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy for Women
Sport & Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Paddy is a high profile Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer, and a competitive athlete. Paddy lives in Trumbull, Connecticut with his wife Rebecca (also an integral part of the PT for Women family) and their three children, Zachary, Shaina and Harrison.

Photos of Paddy Jarit PT Telehealth

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