Four Free Marketing Tactics That You Can Start Today

If you are reading this, you probably realize that marketing is important for the physical therapist. You’re probably also open to using simple ways to inform patients of your services. However, you would like to implement your marketing tactics in a cost-effective manner while maintaining a high-quality approach.

Before we get into how this is accomplished, we need to be cognizant of what the desired goal of marketing is. As a PT you are not selling your services–you are selling yourself! Whether that is you and your skills or the values that your company embodies, when that becomes clear, a transformation occurs that allows you to make your content rich with authenticity.

Here are my four favorite free marketing techniques that you can start today and will kick start your practice’s marketing results.

Create a website
Using a website is an absolute must in today’s physical therapy market. Current and prospective patients need a way to access your information 24/7. Just because we have graduated with a Doctorate degree, does not mean that we can forget about excellent customer service. Using services like WordPress, Squarespace, or Weebly will allow you to generate a free, modern website to welcome patients, advertise your services, list your hours and location, and be a platform to house your content. Check out this video where I go over how to set up basic functions on a free WordPress site.

Start a blog
A blog is a great way to not only get information out to your patients in a consistent manner, but to also build credibility with your audience. Simple topics such as injury prevention and recovery tips, motivational content, and even clinic news and updates can be very valuable to patients and are great content topics to help build your brand and establish yourself as the “go-to” therapist in your region. For best results, start your blog on your own website so that when you drive people to your blog content, they are automatically on your website and able to easily find out more about you.

Leverage Social Media
Facebook is an incredibly valuable tool to market, build your brand, and expand your audience – and it’s entirely free. There are also simple features available at low cost that allow you to target specific patient types, demographics and locations. Facebook can also sync with your website and blog to give you an additional platform to share your content and reach more viewers. The beauty of using Facebook as a marketing tool is that you can present your content to a large number of people while using a platform that many are already familiar with and have access to. Facebook is especially effective for those between the ages of 18-55 and should not be overlooked as an affordable, often free, way to promote your brand.

I want to also touch on Instagram as it’s a great way to reach demographics that other platforms may not be able to. Instagram allows quick sharing of valuable picture and video content to a wide range of people. Using visual platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, force you to stay up to date with new technology to help provide visually appealing, brief, and valuable content to your viewers. This helps your audience see your authenticity as a healthcare provider and the person behind the clinic. As I said at the start of this blog, people buy you, not your services.

Dive into your data
As a practice owner, you are sitting on a goldmine of data – data that you could be using to help create your marketing plan. Before you set out on your quest to market your practice, make sure you aren’t doing it blind. Use your EMR to look into metrics to understand who your ideal patients are, where they came from within your marketing campaign (social media, blog, referral, etc.), what their interests are, who your best referral sources are and more. This data will help you understand who to target and where your efforts will result in the highest return on investment.

Have questions on any of the topics discussed? Feel free to reach out any time or comment below!

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