Four Reasons You Should Be Listening to Podcasts

As a business owner, you likely still feel the need to stay on top of the industry’s best business practices and trends, yet your time is squeezed in all directions. Where do you find the time to educate yourself? Spending a weekend on a continuing education course or sitting down to read a magazine, a blog post (like this), or an online article can help you keep up on industry trends, but it can also take valuable time away from your responsibilities.

Considering this, the desire for professionals to easily access digestible information and education from experts in the industry is growing and has been met… with PODCASTS. If you are already listening to podcasts, then you know the benefits and might even have a few specific to PT business ownership that are providing great value. But if you haven’t jumped on the podcast wagon yet, give it a try. Here are four reasons why.

Little Investment – Great Returns

Podcasts are free, other than your time (which we’ll discuss), and thus the return on your investment can be infinite! What would you pay to gain insight from national physical therapy leaders?  How valuable would it be to you to learn about the best business practices of the more successful owners in physical therapy? Through the growing library of podcasts, you’ll find that successful owners and leaders are now giving away their blueprints and secrets for success. Books they’ve read, courses they’ve taken, studies that have influenced them, consultants they’ve used, and networks they’re a part of. If Jim Rohn’s saying is true, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, then you’ll want to “meet” a couple of these very successful individuals. Podcasts are a way to virtually do that.  Plus, you don’t have to find, register, pay, and attend their course. Your access to them is already at your fingertips.

Recent Industry Trends

Industry leaders are recognizing that books and reports are simply not being digested by the masses.  Thus, to an increasing degree, they are turning to audio, and some video, to get their message out.  Whether it’s value-based payments, declining reimbursements, physician referral trends, the effect of social media, etc. the most recent and up-to-date topics are being broadcast via podcasts.  Podcasts are a medium which is easily accessible for the industry leaders and their audience.

Efficient Use of Time

What are you listening to during your drive time?  What are you doing during your lunch break, if you have one?  What are you listening to during your workout or while doing yard work?  Unlike blogs, books, and lectures, listening to podcasts can inform and educate you during your down times.  Used in this way they can be a……..

…Multi-tasker’s dream

What could be better than getting things done while educating yourself at the same time?  Maybe there is something, but consider this; While mowing the lawn why not also learn about “The 6 Areas Every PT Owner Needs to Address to be Successful with Shaun Kirk”?  Two birds, one stone!

Podcasts are a tremendous resource for business owners, especially for physical therapy clinic owners.  They allow us to access the insight of our most successful industry leaders, stay on top of industry trends, and, if used during our down-times, help us be more efficient with our limited time.   Some podcasts that are physical therapy business-specific include, but are not limited to:

Thumb through a few of them, take a listen, and let me know what you think (  Let me know what you like, don’t like, and also let me know in the comments below what PT business topics you’d like to learn more about.  Maybe you’ll hear them on a future podcast.

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Nathan Shields, PT, ECS


Nathan Shields, PT, ECS is the founder and host of the "Physical Therapy Owners Club" podcast which focuses on providing weekly support, information, and inspiration to independent private practice owners so they can experience stability and freedom in their business. He is also CEO of Rise Diagnostics, which provides EMG and MSKUS testing, and co-owner of Rise Rehabilitation Specialists (Rise Rehab). In conjunction with his podcast, businesses, and experience in orthopedic physical therapy Nathan is also an APTA board-certified electromygrapher (ECS). Nathan is a proud graduate of Northern Arizona University and received his extensive EMG training through Hands-On Diagnostic Centers (HODS). He currently lives in Alaska with his wife and seven children enjoying the outdoors, and dealing with seven children.

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