Weekly News Scan: How to hire the perfect practice manager, PTs and the consumerism movement

This week in the news, we include a look at the consumerism movement and how it’s affecting PT, key considerations when hiring a practice manager and more. We hope you enjoy!

PTs and the Consumerism Movement, PT in Motion, March 2019: While some PTs may not have heard of the term “consumerism movement,” most have experienced firsthand the effects of this trend sweeping through health care. Gone are the days when patients weren’t concerned about the cost of their treatments. Nowadays, they are bringing lists of questions to appointments and dropping by days in advance just to see the clinic. So how are PTs responding to this movement and what consumer-focused incentives should you build into your practice model? Find out from clinics and clinicians across the country who are setting their sights on the future of PT, the consumerism movement and the techniques they’ve seen that work.

5 key considerations to hire the right practice manager, FierceHealthcare, March 5, 2019: Finding a good practice manager can play a significant role in the success of a private practice. But as we all know, finding that right person isn’t as easy as one might think. Challenges like not having internal hiring experts and requiring a long list of traits in your practice manager makes for a tall order. Even so, there is monumental potential in hiring the perfect practice manager for a clinic. Learn five key considerations to find the best practice manager in this article.

Creighton researchers test if running to the rhythm can reduce knee pain, Omaha Herald, March 4, 2019: Music has many different applications in the therapy world – and now it has one more. Researchers at Creighton University are swapping out metronomes to adjust a runner’s cadence and giving runners in this study a music playlist instead. In this study, the running gait of participants is baselined and then after two weeks “running to the beats” they are brought back in for a follow up. The hope is that, through music, runners can find a beat to their paces, shortening their strides and thereby lessen the impact on their knees. Learn more about this study in this article.

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