Five Ways to Market Your Practice to Generation Z

Generation Z. The generation of technology. Known for handling iPhones and tablets prior to pacifiers, this generation is overwhelmingly technology and social media obsessed with 75 percent of the generation using a smartphone – a much higher percentage than any other generation.

Gen Z also makes up 54 percent of the U.S. population – making it a population you can’t ignore. They expect transactions to be easy, swift and entirely technology based. As businesses mostly run by earlier generations, this can be a hard market shift to adapt to. However, Generation Z’s population and spending influence in the economy makes adaptation crucial to businesses’ survival in the next decade as Gen Z enters the workforce and their capital influence balloons.

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So, how do you market to the generation that expects everything? Here are five strategies to follow.

  1. Leverage Social Media
    If your business is not on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, you are missing out. It is important to be active on these platforms since this is where your target customers spend most of their time – and make most of their purchasing decisions. Just having a presence on the platforms is not enough though. Your clinic needs to be ‘interactive”. This means, show us the exercises, make your posts fun and engage your audience (it’s called social media for a reason). Many businesses write off social media, but having prominent figures or “influencers” espouse your method as well as cultivating your own following and content makes a real dollar-sign difference. Here are some helpful tips on how to create engaging Instagram and Twitter content (the two favored social media platforms of Gen Z).
  2. Offer Online Booking
    Don’t offer online booking yet? You should start. While the transition can be challenging moving from more traditional booking methods, the end result will be easier and more streamlined for both your staff and your clients. Just imagine fewer appointment calls, emails and conversations – perfect for a generation raised away from face-to-face contact. Online platforms such as betterPT, or MindBody are great solutions to schedule appointments with only a few clicks – easy, breezy.
  3. And, Offer Booking Appointments via an App
    Did you know that Generation Z actively avoids phone calls? If your business is asking this group to call you, chances are they might find a different company (clicks and apps are more in their comfort zone).The solution? Use companies like betterPT to offer mobile apps and website scheduling for patients. This provides us with more options in terms of reaching your clinic. The more methods of communication you open, the greater percentage of the population you can access.
  4. Give Electronic Paperwork a Shot
    In today’s market, papers and forms should be electronic, but unfortunately the vast majority of clinics are still having patients fill out paperwork with a pen. Patients nowadays (not just Gen Z) want to input their information online, save it and be able to edit it at their convenience. No paper, no pen. There are plenty of apps that offer electronic scanning, sending and editing such as CamScanner (don’t even get them started on fax machines).
  5. Use a Digital Follow Through
    One of the biggest issues with physical therapy is lack of follow-through. Patients may come for a visit but never come back. Or, if they are consistently coming to appointments, the home exercise portion of their program might be neglected due to busy schedules or stalled results. Keep up accountability with patient engagement apps (like Keet Health) that improve home exercise compliance with programs designed to walk patients through their home exercises and track how many times they do it. The main takeaway here? Leverage digital patient engagement platforms to keep Gen Z patients engaged, seeing results and on their plan of care.

In conclusion, your way of marketing in the past (newspaper or magazine ads, booths at fairs or events, etc) although beneficial for the current generation, is not going to be as sustainable or profitable with Gen Z. Get on board with the tactics outlined here to set your practice up for success moving forward – with our current generations and whatever comes next.

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