Our Top Seven Resources of 2017

It’s 2018! Queue excitement, celebration and… panic? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you succeed in the new year and  have rounded up our top seven most downloaded resources of 2017. Whether you’re looking for front desk tips or how to succeed in value-based care, these will help ensure that you are doing everything you can to set your practice up for success in 2018.

Read on to learn our favorite tips and tricks for fighting declining reimbursements, helping to stay Medicare compliant, hiring for the front desk, and more.


Out with the Old, in with the New – Medicare Updates All Therapists Must Know, August 2017: The latest changes from Medicare can have lasting consequences for your practice and patients. Don’t be blindsided by the changes, get prepared now. Join Medicare compliance expert, Nancy Beckley and Clinicient co-founder Jerry Henderson for the latest updates and policy changes every therapist needs to know now.

Six Strategies to Fight Declining Reimbursements, April 2017: Reimbursements keep going down, co-pays and deductibles keep going up and payment reform is speeding ahead. These all put immense pressure on your bottom line. In this environment, what can you do to beat these payment obstacles that can get between you and profitability? Download the slides to learn Six Strategies to Fight Declining Therapy Reimbursement.

Tip Sheets

Value-based Care Glossary: Feeling lost in the alphabet soup of value-based care? It’s okay, we know healthcare terms can be difficult and hard to keep track of. Don’t let the language of value-based care trip you up. Download our glossary to help you gain a better understanding of its common and not so common terminology.

Ten Strategies for Hiring the Right Front Desk Person: Your front desk is arguably the most important hire you make. They hold the keys to patient satisfaction, smooth practice operations and a healthy bottom line. Discover the secrets to recruiting, interviewing and hiring the best person for your front desk.

Seven Things Therapists Need to Know About Value-based Care: The transition to value-based care is fast approaching. According to our recent industry survey, less than 40 percent of outpatient therapists understand or have started prepping for the change. Will you be caught unprepared? Get ahead of the game with our Seven Things Therapists Need to Know about Value-Based Care tip sheet and learn how you can start preparing now for the switch to value-based care.

How Your Front Desk Can Improve Patient Engagement: Nearly 90% of therapists think having a patient engagement strategy is essential for delivering better patient outcomes, according to our therapist survey in 2017. It’s also critical to lower costs and increase patient satisfaction and loyalty. Get five simple strategies in this tip sheet that will best equip your front desk to deliver a successful patient experience.

Six Proven Ways to Market Your Practice: As outpatient rehab continues to grow and competition between clinics gets stronger, marketing your practice will be essential to your success. Is your current marketing plan enough to stand out from the crowd? Learn six simple ways to effectively market your practice and get ahead of the competition in this tip sheet.


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