PT News Roundup: Value-based Care Edition

This week, we bring you a special value-based care edition of our news roundup. Stories include how to keep the payment reform momentum going, key elements for the next gen of bundled payments and more. Enjoy!

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3 key elements for the next generation of bundled payments, FierceHealthcare, June 26, 2017: Although the future of CMS bundled payments is up in the air, there are already some outlined steps the programs next generation should take to better align with population health goals. In order for the next generation to better accomplish these goals, it’ll need to extend the duration of bundles, move outside of hospitals and more.

Implementing Value-Based Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, RevCycleIntelligence, June 26, 2017: If one thing is certain, in order for the healthcare industry to grow and succeed in the switch to value-based care, we must eliminate siloes. Promoting collaboration across existing clinical, operational, and financial staff will be key to developing a value cycle rather than a traditional revenue cycle.

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Healthcare lawyers share four predictions for value-based healthcare, Health IT Pulse, July 6, 2017: While healthcare has had its sights on transitioning to value-based care for some time now, moving beyond our current fee-for-service model has still presented some challenges. Even with these challenges, experts are still excited by value-based care’s reliance on data and the advancements it could bring for health IT. In this article, two healthcare lawyers share their predictions for value-based care and the advancements it will bring.

Win now, win later: 3 core capabilities for value-based care, Becker’s Hospital Review, June 28, 2017: The long-talked-about-but-finally-happening shift to value-based care is here and it represents a fundamental change in our healthcare landscape. Since payment models for providers will change, naturally care delivery will change too. This means that hospitals and health systems must plan for change in many ways if they want to successfully transition to the new model. One good place to start? Embracing care coordination as a strategic capability, especially across multiple types of physicians and providers, like physical therapy. Learn two more core capabilities that’ll allow for a successful switch to value-based care here.


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