PT News Roundup: Value-based care trends reshaping healthcare marketing, Ohio AG sues drugmakers over opioid crisis

This week, we look at three value-based care trends that are reshaping healthcare marketing, four tips for specialty practices on making the most of your referrals, why patients quit self-care management programs, and more.


4 tips for specialty practices on referrals and payer mix, FierceHealthcare, May 26, 2017: No matter your specialty, location, or clinic size, tracking and nurturing both your referrals and their sources is incredibly important to the success of your practice. From tracking and analyzing your referral patterns to asking for feedback from your referring sources, here are four tips on how you can make the most of your referrals.

How 3 value-based care trends are reshaping healthcare marketing, Becker’s Hospital Review, May 31, 2017: Gone are the days when healthcare marketers could rely on mass, direct-to-consumer ad campaigns. While value-based care will undoubtedly change the healthcare landscape, it will also affect healthcare marketing strategies. Here are three value-based care trends that could affect your practice marketing strategy.

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Why do patients quit chronic care self-management programs?, PatientEngagementHIT, June 1, 2017: In order for patients to adhere to self-management care programs, there needs to be both a level of tailoring to individual patients and face to face interactions with their clinician, says new research. Digital technology is becoming a common route to help patients manage chronic conditions on their own, but unfortunately the attrition rates are low. Understanding the reasons for why patients drop out of these programs will be key for developers and clinicians to spur higher adoption. This research could be beneficial to PTs who see low adoption rates of HEP as well.

POTUS Budget Proposes Eliminating AHRQ, Reducing ONC Funding, EHRIntelligence, May 23, 2017: President Trump’s proposed 2018 budget calls for major reform at HHS in order to balance the federal budget. While we’ve all heard about reforming Medicaid and replacing the ACA, among the major savings and reforms is the proposed elimination of AHRQ and a reduction in funding at ONC. The proposed elimination of AHRQ works to consolidate similar research focused agencies and will result in a $333 million reduction. Proposed cuts to the ONC are being met with more backlash as healthcare leaders are urging Congress to properly fund this office to support our nation’s health IT infrastructure.

Ohio attorney general sues 5 drugmakers over opioid crisis, Modern Healthcare, May 31, 2017: A group of five drugmakers are being accused of intentionally misleading patients about the dangers of painkillers leading to a deadly mess in Ohio – and across the country. Now, the Ohio attorney general is suing these drugmakers for their role in the epidemic and asking them to help financially with the aftermath. Ohio joins a list of other states that have filed similar lawsuits with pharmaceutical companies.

One thought on “PT News Roundup: Value-based care trends reshaping healthcare marketing, Ohio AG sues drugmakers over opioid crisis

  1. The drug companies don’t prescribe the opioids. If the prescriber was misled, it seems reasonable to question everything one is asked to swallow.

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