The Move to Value-based Care: Bring Out Your Dead

“Bring Out Your Dead!” is the tagline from one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

If you’re a Python fan, you likely remember the scene: The movie is set in medieval England and during this sequence, a group of undertakers are slogging through a muddy thoroughfare with a cart of the recently deceased calling out “Bring Out Your Dead!”. An elderly man is about to be thrown on the cart, but insists he isn’t dead yet.

Like the “Dead Man” in this scene, fee for service is terminally ill. It isn’t ready for the “Dead Collector” quite yet, but it’s close.

MIPS is just the beginning

The way we see it, MIPS is just the beginning. Fresh off the high from our acquisition news with Intermountain ROMS, I wrote a blog for our sister company, Keet Health. Curious what’s next for Clinicient, Keet and the team at Intermountain ROMS? Hop over to my blog on the Keet site for more on this topic and what’s next on our road map to helping our industry achieve value-based care success.

Don’t miss it: Bring Out Your Dead

See you there! – Jerry Henderson, PT, Co-founder, Clinicient


Jerry Henderson, PT

VP of Clinical Strategy

Jerry is a physical therapist and one of the founders of Clinicient and currently serves as the VP of Clinical Strategy. Prior to Clinicient, Jerry was a founding partner in a series of successful physical therapy clinics in the Seattle Area: Integrated Rehabilitation Group, Physical Therapy Clinics, Inc. PS, and Physiocare Corporation. He has a BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Utah.

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