6 Apps for Every PT, OT and SLP

Who doesn’t love a good app? They often make our lives easier, more productive and possibly more entertaining. There’s a vast array of apps available for people in the outpatient rehab industry, but here’s our list of six of our pt apps infographic

Run Cadence PT: This is a great app created by our friends at Lake Washington PT, designed to help runners, coaches and clinicians apply the simple metric of cadence to running (hint: cadence = steps/minute). Research has shown cadence to play a key role in addressing common running related injuries and this app provides an easy way to help runners reduce their step length and prevent, or even heal, injuries.

Coach’s Eye: Typically used as a video platform for coaches and athletes, PT’s are now using this app as an innovative way to record, review and refine patient’s movements. With it, you can easily improve your patients overall movements and provide instant feedback to get them feeling better, faster.

Muscle Premium by Visible Body: This app provides a 3D guide to the anatomy and function of muscles, bones, ligaments, bursae and joints. It’s commonly used as a reference and/or learning app and provides the needed visual aid to make it easier to explain normal function and injuries to patients. This is great for orthopedic specialists, kinesiologists, practitioners of sports medicine, physical therapists, massage therapists, and students.

Evidence in Motion PT Mobile: This app is an evidence-based ‘push’ service that delivers a stream of your favorite PT journals, blogs and news feeds into the palm of your hand. Similar to a service like Feedly, this app allows you to select which publications you’d like to receive updates from and also lets you save all of your favorite articles. One of the top complaints we hear from PT’s is their lack of time to sift through articles, blogs and research – luckily EIM PT mobile is the answer.

Blue Jay PT: This app requires a referral from your PT but for good reason – it allows you to communicate back and forth with your therapist, even using multimedia messaging, as you continue your course of treatment. As a therapist, you can assign home exercise programs to your patients using a library of videos and assess progress and even adjust the HEP accordingly.

Aetas App: This app was created by the folks at Bella Care PT to allow you to manage your clinic ‘from the palm of your hand’. Its features include patient tracking, assignable timers, push alerts and analytics all geared to gain insight and actionable data on therapist performance within your clinic. Aetas App was designed to improve patient care and save clinicians time and money and that’s exactly what it does.

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