Weekly News Scan: 4 Traits of a Successful Marketing Plan, Study on Fall-Prevention Exercises that Work

This week in the news, we include a look at a recent survey on successful exercise interventions to reduce the risk and number of falls in adults 65 and older, four keys to building a successful private practice marketing plan and more. We hope you enjoy!

Large-Scale Investigation: Falls-prevention exercise interventions work, PT in Motion, February 27, 2019: A recent study of nearly 25,000 adults across 25 countries is shedding light on the importance of exercise preventions as a way to reduce the risk and actual number of falls in adults 65 and older. The study showed that those who received exercise interventions from a healthcare professional were 31 percent less likely to have a risk of falls than someone within the control group. Interestingly though, the number of falls experienced was unchanged, even with exercise, in individuals 75 and older. Learn more about this study and what exercises most benefited the participants in this APTA article.

The 4 P’s of a strategic marketing plan, IMPACT, March 2019: In outpatient rehab, marketing efforts are often your main source for promoting the benefits of PT, OT and SLP to the public and your referral sources. For this reason, it’s crucial to develop a strategic marketing plan aimed at getting your organization’s name in front of your intended audience so you can get the most bang for your marketing buck. Curious what to include and focus on in your marketing plan? Don’t miss this IMPACT article outlining the 4 P’s of a successful marketing plan that aim to effectively engage and attract your target consumers.

Patients excel when physical therapy hits the gym, Summit Daily, February 28, 2019: Often in PT, patients work with therapists on body movements and common exercises they might experience in their everyday lives. Add state-of-the-art equipment though and that process can be enhanced, even fast tracked. Avalanche Physical Therapy is experiencing just this after a renovation of their recreation center – and patients are noticing it too. Many patients take advantage of the expanded exercise and recreation settings after their sessions end, which allows them to continue on with their therapy routine in the same environment. PTs at Avalanche have noticed that providing a setting like this allows patients to stay motivated and get back to their daily routines sometimes faster than first anticipated. Learn more about the benefits to patient care this clinic has seen in this article.

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