Weekly News Scan: A renewed focus on patient-centered care, Barriers to care access for females

This week in the news, we look at two articles from Patient Engagement HIT, one on a renewed focus on patient-centricity thanks to value-based care and another on the barriers to care that female patients experience. We hope you enjoy!

patient engaging with therapist

Focusing on patient-centricity, experience to drive patient loyalty, Patient Engagement HIT, June 19, 2019: Driving patient loyalty is a complex task. While many think to look towards business formulas and metrics for this, it often lies in thinking about compassionate, coordinated care. Decades of the fee-for-service reimbursement model have made it challenging for organizations to prioritize activities that promote a positive patient experience, but with the shift to value-based care, patient loyalty activities are beginning to be prioritized. Afterall, it’s patients and their returning business that will keep practices and clinics afloat. Learn more about the renewed focus on patient-centricity in this article.

What care access barriers do female patients experience?, Patient Engagement HIT, June 20, 2019: A new Kaiser Family Foundation report has found that healthcare costs and a relationship with a provider serve as two barriers to care access for female patients. The data revealed that healthcare spending is higher for women than for men and especially for female patients ages 19 to 34. On average, this group spends about $3,400 a year compared to just under $1,900 for their male counterparts. These cost differences lead more women to skip medical care, medical screenings, prescriptions, and more – even as more females are insured than males. These survey results suggest that female patients need more support in care access and in establishing relationships with their medical providers. Learn more about this study in this Patient Engagement HIT article.

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