Weekly News Scan: CMS Reverses NCCI Edits, Texas Improves Access to PT, Changing Therapy Industry with VR and AI

Welcome to the News Scan!  CMS intends to reverse NCCI edits, Texas improves access to physical therapists and a woman is changing the therapy industry with VR and AI. 

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CMS Coding Reversal Will Apply to Claims Made Beginning January 1, 2020, PT in Motion, January 29, 2020

Details are still emerging around exactly how CMS intends to walk back a decision to change coding methodologies that prevented PTs from billing an evaluation performed on the same day as therapeutic activities and/or group therapy activities. Read the article to learn more.

Bill Improves Access to Physical Therapists, Brings Texas in Line with Rest of the Country, D CEO Healthcare, January 29, 2020:

A bill passed in the last legislative session in Texas allows patients to see a physical therapist without a physician referral. The bill will allow physical therapists to treat a patient for 10-15 days without a referring physician. Read the article to learn how the proven cost savings of early access to PT help drive the new law.

This Woman Is Changing The Therapy Industry With VR And AI , Forbes, January 30, 2020:

In the age of innovation, with a combination of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and big data, Neuro Rehab VR is bringing new tools to hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers around the US. These tools will transform the way patients engage in physical therapy, and how physical therapists manage the therapy sessions. Read this article to learn how one woman is bringing VR to clinics around the US.

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