Weekly News Scan: Healthcare predictions for 2030, Changing the conversation on burnout

This week in the news, we look at a new report from the Integrated Benefits Institute on patient care access and workplace productivity, how we can change the conversation around physician burnout and a peek inside the future of healthcare. We hope you enjoy!

High costs hamper patient care access, cuts worker productivity, Patient Engagement HIT, July 25, 2019: High healthcare costs are (unfortunately) all the rage in the U.S. According to new data from the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), roughly 25 percent of patients have delayed medical care due to costs and 20 percent have put off medical care completely. In total, patients who had some cost-related barrier to care had 70 percent more sick days compared to their peers. This begs the question, are employers really saving money when they switch to increased cost sharing plans? Learn more in this Patient Engagement HIT article.

How to change the conversation on burnout, Becker’s Hospital Review, July 23, 2019: Physician burnout is shown to affect roughly 50 percent of providers and cost the U.S. nearly $4B annually – but that’s not even the main concern. Physicians still don’t have a great way to start the conversation around burnout and are often weary to raise their hands and admit to being burnt out which continues to perpetuate the issue. So what’s being done to change the conversation around burnout? Don’t miss this Becker’s article to learn the signs of burnout, how to discuss it and ways to prevent it from happening.

How the future of healthcare will be shaped by the likes of Uber, CVS, FierceHealthcare, July 22, 2019: What do you imagine healthcare to look like in the year 2030? While many think that in today’s market our healthcare system is broken and plagued with things like bureaucratic red tape and barriers to access, tomorrow’s market shows signs of innovation, automation and efficiency. In fact, at its current rate, technology is forecasted to disrupt healthcare more explosively than it has in any other industry. Don’t miss this article to get a view at what is slated to come next in healthcare (hint: it’s like The Jetsons – only better).

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