Weekly News Scan: How to track marketing ROI, Steps to managing total disorganization

This week in the news, we include a look at how you can finally start tracking your marketing efforts in 2019, steps to managing disorganized employees and more. We hope you enjoy!

Tracking the ROI for marketing practices, IMPACT, January 1, 2019: The challenge for most practice owners isn’t in thinking of marketing initiatives but rather knowing whether their initiatives provided a return on investment. In healthcare and beyond, businesses often make marketing investments without having the processes in place to track the results of their efforts – so how do you change that? Take a look at this IMPACT article to learn more.

Social determinants became mainstream in 2018, but it can’t be just a fad, Fierce Healthcare, December 27, 2018: Healthcare experts have been discussing social determinants of health (SDOH) for a while, but in 2018, the greater healthcare system started paying attention too. Newly launched initiatives and studies last year show the need for more information around SDOH and these efforts show a major step towards a healthier America. Determinants like housing, ridesharing and food assistance are getting more attention and proving that this trend isn’t just a fad. Check out this Fierce Healthcare article to learn more and understand how the rehab industry can take part.

How to manage someone who is totally disorganized, Harvard Business Review, December 31, 2018: Is organization at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions? Even if it is for you, it might not be for your colleagues. Managing a disorganized employee can often be a frustrating, and even anxious, experience. So how do you emphasize the importance of staying on top of deadlines, meetings and paperwork? Understanding when and how to talk to employees about their organization habits is key to helping someone overcome an inclination towards disorder (hint: sometimes it’s best to say nothing). Learn more in this HBR article.

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Content Marketing Program Manager

Taylor Goldsmith is the Content Marketing Program Manager at Clinicient where she manages the blog, social media strategy, supports lead generation activities and more. She provides insightful direction to a variety of other daily Clinicient activities and brings to her team knowledge of core and emerging marketing strategies. Taylor earned a Public Relations degree from the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. In her spare time, she likes to travel, explore the Portland food scene, and cheer on the Oregon Ducks.

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