Weekly News Scan: Looking towards the APTA centennial, CMS debuts a new app for Medicare patients

This week in the news, we include a look at the APTA’s latest goal plan focusing on transforming society, the art of evidence-based medicine when it comes to treating individual patients and more. We hope you enjoy!

APTA Strategic Plan: Leading the Profession and Association Into the Next Century, PT in Motion, January 28, 2019: The APTA will reach its centennial year in 2021 – but it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, take a look at its strategic plan laid out for the next three years and it becomes clear that the association’s goals are bigger than ever. The four main goals laid out in the plan are focused on making moves that will actually transform society. Learn about the new goals in this article.

CMS launches app to outline services covered under Medicare, Becker’s Health Review, January 28, 2019: Last year, CMS launched its eMedicare initiative to help modernize Medicare and provide beneficiaries with easy to find cost and quality information. Now they’ve launched the “What’s Covered” app to help Medicare patients and caregivers quickly see whether Medicare will cover a specific medical item or service. This tool is aimed at empowering patients to get the best value from their Medicare coverage and should be promoted in clinics with a high Medicare population. Learn more in this Becker’s article.

The Art of Evidence-Based Medicine, Harvard Business Review, January 30, 2019: Being in the healthcare industry, we hear about studies and clinical trials constantly. But what is this information telling us and how should healthcare providers respond to the information given? While no one is disagreeing that clinical decisions should be based on the best evidence available, it’s important to understand that a treatment shown to be inferior for some patients doesn’t mean it’s inferior for all patients. Providers must use their best judgment to determine which treatments have the highest likelihood of benefiting individual patients.

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