Weekly News Scan: Making patients the center of care, Physical Therapy as a first-line treatment option for meniscal tears

This week in the news, we include a look at a new study showing once again that physical therapy should be a first-line treatment option for meniscal tears, a NY Times story on the role physical therapy is playing in spinal cord injuries and more. We hope you enjoy!

As value-based care models improve, patients must take center stage, Patient Engagement HIT, October 29, 2018: The third annual Value-based Care Summit took place recently and a large portion of the event focused on how to ensure that in our transition to value-based care, the care provided stays patient-centered. While value-based models have taken great strides recently towards breaking down care silos and better serving patients, some panelists noted that the voice of the patient is often left behind. Don’t miss this article to get a run-down of the recent Value-based Care summit and other main takeaways from the event.

Once paralyzed, three men take steps again with spinal implant, NY Times, October 31, 2018: Thanks to advancements in technology and the support of physical therapy, three men suffering spinal cord injuries are now learning to walk again. The treatment is still experimental, but this breakthrough is the latest achievement in the scientific effort to understand and treat these life-changing injuries. Learn more about the experiments being done and the role physical therapy is playing in their recovery in this NY Times article.

JAMA study supports physical therapy as first-line approach to meniscal tears, PT in Motion, October 31, 2018: A new study has turned the age-old debate of surgery versus PT for meniscal tears on its head. Researchers in the Netherlands looked at outcomes in 321 adults with nonobstructive meniscal tears and evaluated not whether PT was better than surgery but if it was “noninferior” to surgery. Even though the angle of the study differed from what we’ve seen in the past, the results still support recommendations from current guidelines that physical therapy is considered a valid first-line treatment options for meniscal tears. Learn more information on this study and its results in this article from the APTA.

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