Weekly News Scan: New Methods to improve patient experience, New defense bill looks to include PTAs in TRICARE

This week in the news, we look at how gaming and medicine are coming together, how value-based care plans are outperforming fee-for-service plans and more. Enjoy!

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The Future of Physical Therapy, IMPACT, November 11, 2017: From Clinicient’s co-founder and VP of Clinical Strategy, Jerry Henderson, learn about what the future of physical therapy looks like. From value-based care and technology enabled for patient-centered care (and even a nod to Starbuck’s Frappuccinos), this is a look at the right care, at the right time, and in the right way. Learn more about what Jerry sees for the future here.

Gaming and medicine come together for unique research in the US and beyond, USC News, November 15, 2017: A student and faculty members at USC are getting support from the USC Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center to create a mixed-reality game to help wheelchair bound patients with spinal cord injuries do physical therapy. The game focuses on making exercises fun so people are more likely to do exercises and, hopefully, increase their independence. Learn more about the progress of the game and what’s up next for technologies role in physical therapy in this article.

Value-based care outperforms fee-for-service health plans, HealthPayer Intelligence, November 15, 2017: Health plans are beginning to include value-based care principles – and starting to produce better patient outcomes than fee-for-service options. The total costs associated with value-based care plans were 15% lower than the costs of fee-for-service plans. Additionally, patients were more likely to access preventative care for chronic diseases, saw better healthcare outcomes and were more satisfied with their physicians.

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Use a checklist to improve communication in patient visits, Fierce Healthcare, November 13, 2017: A Hawaiian healthcare network has discovered that using a checklist during office visits leads to improved patient experience. The network saw its overall performance on physician communication scores increase dramatically on patient surveys after implementing a checklist and coaching program to improve doctors’ communication skills. Learn more about this program and how you can implement it into your clinic in this article.

Defense bill headed for final votes will include PTAs in TRICARE, PT in Motion, November 13, 2017: Great news for PTAs! They’re now closer than ever to being included as accepted providers under TRICARE. Last week, the Armed Services Committees for both the US House and Senate reached an agreement that includes language from the APTA to add PTAs and occupational therapy assistants to the TRICARE program. Next, the legislation will advance to the House and Senate where it is expected to pass.

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