Weekly News Scan: Nontraditional partnerships look to reshape healthcare, How team-based care can improve the patient experience

This week in the news, we look at how using a team-based approach to care can improve the patient experience, how nontraditional partnerships are reshaping healthcare and more. We hope you enjoy!

How to use team-based care to improve the patient experience, Patient Engagement HIT, July 9, 2019: When it comes to succeeding in healthcare, there’s certainly no I in team. As healthcare providers are working to support a positive patient experience in an industry with evolving payment models, team-based care (doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other specialists) is becoming the approach of choice. At it’s core, team-based care acknowledges that multiple players are needed to treat patients and by actively engaging patients in their care and all working together as a team, positive patient outcomes will transpire. Learn more about team-based care and the role it could have in practices across the country in this article.

Why treating patients as consumers can improve the healthcare experience, Forbes, July 9, 2019: This is part one in a three-part series published on Forbes this week that dives into the customer experience as it relates to healthcare. In most industries, the customer experience tends to be the last competitive differentiator to evolve, but in healthcare, that theory is taken to a whole other level. What’s the main reason we lag behind? Some point to the industries use of “patients” instead of “consumers”. Learn more in this article and why this switch in nomenclature could be key to improving the overall healthcare experience. Plus, take a look at part two in this series which looks at the digital health consumer and part three that examines what an aging patient population means for the healthcare experience.

Industry voices – How CEOs can compete as nontraditional partnerships reshape healthcare, FierceHealthcare, July 10, 2019: Healthcare now makes up almost 20 percent of the US GDP – a number that’s only expected to rise. Thanks to topics like the aging population, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and now the shift to value-based care, all eyes are on the healthcare sector with many other industries wanting in on the opportunities that lie ahead. Check out this article to learn how healthcare CEOs are forging ahead and what to consider before pursuing new partnerships.

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