Weekly News Scan: Provider’s Focus for 2020, Social Determinants of Health in 2019, Key Trends Shaping Health in 2020, APTA Helps Prepare for Medicare

This week in the news, we provide a wrap of some top trending healthcare topics in 2019, as well as top priorities for healthcare executives in 2020, and resources from APTA to help you prepare for the year ahead.

We hope you enjoy!

Providers to Focus on Patient Billing, Policy Heading into 2020, RevCycle Intelligence, December 23, 2019:

Patient billing, policy and regulation, healthcare mergers and acquisitions, and workforce diversity will be some of the top priorities for provider organizations in 2020, predicted researchers at PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI). Read the article to learn a breakdown of the top trends for healthcare finance and revenue cycle leader in 2020.

In 2019, Social Determinants of Health Got the Attention They Deserve, Healthcare IT News, December 23, 2019:

Hospitals and health systems are beginning to embrace a more holistic approach to ensuring the wellness of their patient populations. Social determinants, and how to address them, got more and more coverage in the press as well. Read this article for a roundup of some of the progress that has been made in 2019.

How Health Execs Can Capitalize on Key Trends Shaping 2020, Managed Healthcare Executive, December 24, 2019:

Healthcare leaders maintain positive views for 2020, according to the annual North Highland Beacon Industry Trend report. According to the survey of executives in healthcare organizations with $1 billion plus in revenue, 41% of health leaders are excited, 36% energized, and 36% inspired. Learn highlights of what healthcare executives are thinking about for the upcoming year.

APTA Helps You Prepare for Medicare in 2020, Fight Proposed 2021 Cuts, PT in Motion, December 26, 2019:

The APTA has developed some tools to help prepare for Medicare updates for 2020 and fight against the proposed 8% decrease in payment planned in 2021. Learn about their latest updates and link to resources here.

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