Weekly News Scan: Soaring costs of healthcare for families, Eight strategies to become a better delegator

This week in the news, we look at a study examining the rising costs of healthcare for families and what it means for them at work and at home, how a woman kicked opioids to the curb and turned to physical therapy to get her life back, plus an article on how better delegating can lead to a better work culture.

We hope you enjoy!

Healthcare costs for families with employer coverage up 67% since 2008, FierceHealthcare, August 15, 2019

According to a new report, healthcare costs for families with employer provided coverage have risen twice as fast as wages and three times the rate of inflation over the last decade. During the same period, employer contribution to health benefits also increased by 51% – money that could’ve gone to salary increases and other employee benefits. One culprit of rising costs is the growth of high-deductible health plans, which by 2017 accounted for half of employee out-of-pocket healthcare costs. This is important to understand when looking at your clinic’s strategy around patient collections. Learn more about the trends in healthcare coverage in this article.

Fort Worth woman uses physical therapy in place of opioids, NBC News, August 13, 2019

After a Tae Kwon Do injury left Penny Roberts with debilitating pain and two knee replacements, doctors prescribed her opioids for the pain. But after opioids left her tired and unable to complete any physical therapy, she kicked them to the curb in favor of movement and joint manipulation to help strengthen her knees a more natural way. Now she goes to the gym not to lose weight or burn calories, but to ensure she lives a life free of powerful pain medications. Read her story and how her PTs got her back to living in this article.

8 ways leaders delegate successfully, Harvard Business Review, August 15, 2019

For many leaders, delegating is the toughest part of their work day – but one that is arguably most important. Afterall, when the senior leaders of an organization can’t or won’t delegate, the culture often suffers (not to mention this habit typically trickles down throughout the organization). So how can you learn to delegate successfully? Don’t miss these right practices of leaders who do it right.  

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