Weekly News Scan: Social Determinants of Health & Payers, Teamwork Named the Main Driver of Patient Loyalty

This week in the news, we look at the cost of high patient financial responsibility and patient access to care, what payers are doing to address social determinants of health and more. We hope you enjoy!

High Patient Financial Responsibility Hampers Access to Care, Patient Engagement HIT, June 13, 2019: As patient financial responsibility continues to grow, patient access to care is starting to take a hit, according to a brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Nearly one-third of patients reported their access to care has dwindled due to high patient financial responsibility. Respondents also said they struggle to cover their monthly premiums or manage copays for drugs or medical appointments. This trend is especially alarming when you consider the number of Americans skipping or postponing necessary care even though their health continues to worsen. As a healthcare provider, it’s important to remember this when discussing patient responsibility and bills in your practice. Learn more in this Patient Engagement HIT article.

Social Determinants of Health & Payers: Getting Started, FierceHealthcare, June 10, 2019: Social determinants of health have a profound effect on health outcomes. In fact, recent research suggests that only 10-20 percent of health outcomes are driven by medical care. The other 80-90 percent is attributable to demographic, environmental and socioeconomic factors. Given the large impact social determinants have on health outcomes, what are payers doing to address these social determinants and reduce health spending? Find out in this FierceHealthcare article.

Teamwork is main driver of patient loyalty, Becker’s Hospital Review, June 6, 2019: According to new research, the main drivers of patient loyalty are teamwork, respect and courtesy between clinicians. The new study looked at survey data from over 4 million patients across various healthcare departments to review what the main driver(s) of patient loyalty are. Other drivers included patient perception that staff members cared about them, care team collaboration and more. Learn about the study in this Becker’s article.

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