Weekly News Scan: Strategies for collecting quality PROs, The three words to use for effective brainstorming

This week in the news, we dive into patient reported outcomes (PROs) and seven strategies for collecting high-quality PROs plus three words to use during a brainstorming session that will flex your team’s innovation muscles. We hope you enjoy!

therapist and patient

Strategies for Collecting High-Quality Patient-Reported Outcomes, Health IT Analytics, July 18, 2019: Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are incredibly useful measurements that can help assess a patient’s overall health, recovery, quality of life, and much more. Plus, as the healthcare industry continues its shift to value-based care, PROs will be essential to your reimbursement strategy. So how do optimize your PRO strategy to ensure you’re collecting high-value information from your patients? Don’t miss this article from Health IT Analytics highlighting seven best practices to consider when deciding which PROs to use.  

3 words to flex your team’s innovation muscles, Becker’s Hospital Review, July 17, 2019: What’s the most effective brainstorming strategy? Rather than agree with everything, the most innovative ideas are typically developed through pushback and constructive criticism. Specifically, the string of words “yes, but, and” results in more thoughtful innovation as they can point out a flaw in an idea but follow it up with a way to overcome or avoid the flaw. Learn more about effective brainstorming sessions in this Becker’s article.

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