Weekly News Scan: Studies Support Bundle Care Model, Advances in Stroke Therapy, Push for Social Determinants of Health Bill, Social Media Behaviors Physicians Should Avoid

Welcome to the News Scan! This week we focus on success with bundling knee and hip replacement, APTA-supported clinical practice guidelines for acute-onset central nervous system injury, social media habits to avoid and the Social Determinants Accelerator Act.

We hope you enjoy!

Separate Studies, Similar Conclusions: Bundling for Knee, Hip Replacement Seems to be Working, PT in Motion, January 9, 2020:

Bundled care models for lower extremity joint replacement (LEJR) seem to be lowering overall costs without sacrificing quality according to two new used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Published in Health Affairs, each study took a different approach to answering questions about the effectiveness of bundling programs mostly associated with CMS’ voluntary Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative. However, their conclusions had much in common. Read the article for more information on the studies take-aways on the effectiveness of bundled care models on LEJR.

New APTA-Supported CPG Looks at Best Ways to Improve Walking Speed, Distance for Individuals After Stroke, Brain Injury, and Incomplete SCI, PT in Motion, January 9, 2020:

A new clinical practice guideline supported by APTA and developed by the APTA Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy concludes that aerobic walking training and virtual reality treadmill training are the interventions most strongly tied to improvements in walking distance and speed when working with individuals with an acute-onset central nervous system injury 6 months ago or more. Learn more here about the study, its findings, and tips for clinicians to implement its recommendations.

Health Orgs Urge House to Push Social Determinants of Health Bill, Patient Engagement HIT, January 9, 2020:

Leading healthcare and patient advocacy organizations are calling on the House Energy and Commerce Committee to advance a bill to provide funding and assistance to address the social determinants of health. The Social Determinants Accelerator Act is a positive step forward because it grants funding and puts power into the hands of the local community. Read the article to learn more.

10 Social Media Behaviors Physicians Should Avoid, Becker’s Hospital Review, January 8, 2020:

Healthcare providers should be careful when using social media. Read this article to learn 10 common social media pitfalls to avoid.

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