Weekly News Scan: Survey says! Admin burdens delaying care access, How to identify your practice culture

This week in the news, we look at a new APTA survey highlighting the effects of administrative burden in a practice, steps to identifying your company culture and why surgery for knee injuries could me a medical myth we should forget. We hope you enjoy!

APTA Survey: PTs say administrative burdens delay access, affect clinical outcomes, PT in Motion, July 1, 2019: Feeling the pressure of administrative burdens in your practice? You’re not alone. In a recent APTA survey, nearly 75 percent of physical therapists believe that overwhelming documentation and admin mandates are negatively affecting patient outcomes – and even more believe that these excessive requirements are contributing to burnout. Among the concerns are delays related to prior authorizations, time consuming claim denial appeals and admin burdens. See what else the survey revealed and how this is fueling the APTA’s efforts for legislative and policy changes in this article.

10 medical myths we should stop believing, NY Times, July 1, 2019: Medical advice is always supported by mounds of scientific research, right? Wrong! Researchers recently combed through over 3,000 studies published between 2003 and 2017 and discovered nearly 400 routine medical practices that could be contradicted by studies published in leading medical journals. What was one of the myths we should stop believing? That torn knee cartilage requires surgery. Rather, the patient should try physical therapy first. Learn more about these medical myths in the NY Times article.

Team build by identifying company values, IMPACT Magazine, July 2019: Is identifying your culture on the top of your list when starting a new practice? It should be! Your values and culture can help focus your marketing efforts, drive better training, hiring and profits if done right. Don’t miss this IMPACT article for the steps to take to set your practice culture on the right track.

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