Weekly News Scan: The importance of the patient experience, Study on PTs role in primary care

This week in the news, we include a look at two recent studies on the patient experience and PTs role in primary care, the importance of the patient-centered supply chain and more. We hope you enjoy!

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Study: PTs, family physicians similar in knowledge of LBP management, PT in Motion, December 10, 2018: In a small study published in the Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, results are pointing to yet another reason to increase direct access to PT services – especially when it comes to managing low back pain. The study found that even though family practice physicians are often sought for primary care, PTs know just as much, if not more, when it comes to low back pain. Authors of this study believe this proves the point even further that PTs have a place in primary care settings.

Why the ‘patient-centered supply chain’ is critical to the future of healthcare, Forbes, December 10, 2018: Focusing healthcare back to the patient is a big focus for the healthcare industry. Back in 2001, the Institute of Medicine listed six specific aims for improving the healthcare system, goals like making it more efficient, effective and patient-centered, but that last goal is said to be the key to help us achieve all six goals. Now in 2018, the patient-centered supply chain is thought to be a crucial step to ensure organizations can cut their costs and improve healthcare outcomes. Learn more about how the industry is working towards these goals in this article by Forbes.

Patient experience key to driving brand loyalty, report finds, Becker’s Hospital Review, December 13, 2018: Is your clinic’s website up to date? A new survey is looking further into the consumerism of healthcare and found that before accepting a referral from their primary care physician, 72 percent of consumers said they were “likely or very likely” to look at the recommended specialist’s website first. The survey also pointed out that the patient experience is five times more likely to influence patients’ brand loyalty compared to traditional marketing strategies. The results from this survey are important as you begin to craft your 2019 marketing and business strategy.

UW-L students put a Disney spin on exercises with Fairytale Physical Therapy, La Crosse Tribune, December 13, 2018: What do you get when you combine Disney, song and dance, and physical therapy? Fairytale Physical Therapy. This creation from students at Columbia University and the University of Wisconsin has taken physical therapy from a chore to sessions disguised as a dance party. Dancing to songs from popular Disney movies, the students lead kids through broad dance movements targeting key muscles and the chest, which is particularly important to those who are largely confined to their beds. While this isn’t a complete replacement for PT, Fairytale Physical Therapy offers a fun complement to their sessions and an encouragement to get kids on their feet.

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