Weekly News Scan: The Power of Adaptive Sports, The Cost of Burnout

This week in the news, we look at a PT in Motion feature article discussing the power of adaptive sports for those with disabilities and what PTs can do to help this population, the staggering cost of physician burnout and more.  We hope you enjoy!

Study: Burnout Comes at a (Literal) Cost to Organizations, APTA, June 4, 2019: We’ve discussed burnout before, but a new study is shining light on a new way it’s (literally) costing clinics. Authors of the study estimate that burnout’s economic impact tops as much as $4.6 billion annually. To get this figure, researchers used results from physician surveys on turnover and combined those with “studies related to the value of hours worked and the cost of physician replacement including expenses related to search, hiring, and onboarding.” The APTA and many physician organizations have focused on burnout in recent years and continue to make it a top priority in their practice. Learn more in this article from the APTA.

Leader, Lead Thyself, IMPACT, June 2019: Searching for the secret to great leadership? It often starts with learning how to manage and lead thyself. Leading others can come with its own unique set of traits and challenges but learning how you naturally react to and work with others is crucial for your clinic’s bottom line success. Don’t miss these five important steps to learn how to become the leader you’ve always dreamt of being.

The Competitive Edge of Adaptive Sports, PT in Motion, June 2019: Adaptive sports are on the rise as a popular way for individuals with disabilities to reclaim and discover their love for physical activity. However, despite this rise in popularity, many feel that PTs and PTAs need to catch up. This PT in Motion article examines the ways participation in modified sports has changed lives of many individuals who believed their sports journeys were over – and what the physical therapy industry can do to help. Don’t miss it.

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