Weekly News Scan: U.S. Navy Runs a Successful Value-based Care Pilot, A Case for Low-Tech Tools in PT

This week in the news, we look the results of a study run recently by the U.S. Navy on value-based care, a love letter to low-tech tools used in physical therapy, and three communication strategies to build provider-patient trust.

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Navy saves money, improves patient outcomes through value-based care pilot, Fierce Healthcare, August 5, 2019

In 2016, the newly appointed surgeon general of the Navy initiated a value-based care pilot with the purpose of exploring whether multidisciplinary care teams could improve the cost of care for active-duty personnel and their dependents. The results? Turns out they could, and even better, they could improve care and get active duty personnel back to work faster. Learn more on this pilot program including the results of the low back pain unit in this article.

In praise of low-tech tools, PT in Motion, August 2019

In a world gone high-tech, mainstay items of physical therapy such as resistance bands, foam rollers and exercise balls are getting a second life. While products like robotic exoskeletons, motion sensors and VR treadmills are useful and do have a place in physical therapy, low-tech tools are easy to keep stocked in a practice and can also be easily purchased by patients to continue their exercises at home. Learn more about the benefits of low-tech tools in this article and why they shouldn’t be forgotten any time soon.

3 provider communications strategies for creating patient trust, Patient Engagement HIT, August 6, 2019

In order to develop strong connections with patients, it’s important for providers to lean on their interpersonal skills and deliver care with empathy. Higher patient satisfaction scores are driven by patient trust and delivering care in a language that makes patients feel most comfortable is crucial to this. Learn three strategies for better communication and how to build trust in this article.

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