Weekly News Scan: US Surgeon General Praises Physical Therapy, Shifting the focus of care in healthcare

This week in the news, we include a look at the recent address by the US Surgeon General praising physical therapy and its potential in the healthcare ecosystem, the need to shift our focus in caring for patients with chronic conditions and more. We hope you enjoy!

‘No Bigger Fan’: US Surgeon General believes physical therapy is key to fighting opioids, PT in Motion, January 24, 2019: The PT profession just gained an important new advocate. US Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, MD, MPH, recently addressed members at the APTA Component Leadership Meeting and focused on the opioid crisis and the role the physical therapy profession has in addressing it. Adams told the audience that PT is “well-positioned to change the culture around pain management” and that “physical therapy is going to be a part of” the evolution towards value-based care. Don’t miss this article to learn what Adams is doing to give PT a seat at the table, his connection to the cause and more.

Care for patients with multiple chronic conditions needs to shift focus, Fierce Healthcare, January 22, 2019: To be successful when treating patients with chronic conditions, providers must shift their focus from treating the conditions to treating the patient. While this is a long-entrenched attitude of treating diseases, the rise of value-based care is providing an incentive to make this shift – but we still have a long way to go across healthcare. The good news is, therapists are well positioned to view patients in this more holistic way.

Can a nice doctor make treatments more effective?, NY Times, January 22, 2019: When faced with the decision of selecting a healthcare provider, patients are provided a lot of information. The provider’s credentials, number of patient’s treated and more, but how much of a factor is their bedside manner? While it might seem secondary to their skills, when it comes to health outcomes, the simple things a doctor says and does to connect with patients can have a lasting impact on a patient’s health outcomes, according to a recent study. This is true for therapists as well and a great reminder that bedside manner and not just technical skills are important for patient outcomes.

How to beat procrastination as you grow your business, Entrepreneur, January 21, 2019: Procrastination can find its way into nearly every activity that moves people closer to their goals – and the crazy part is it’s a temptation that most everyone experiences. So how do you beat this odd compulsion so you can run towards your brighter, wealthier or fitter future? Take a look at this article to learn four factors that might be contributing to your habit – and the science behind how you can break it.

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