Weekly News Scan: What we learned in healthcare in 2018, ACA repeal won’t stop the move to value

This week in the news, we include a look back at the top healthcare stories of 2018, what an ACA repeal would mean to the transition to value and more. We hope you enjoy!

Few docs discuss social determinants of health with patients, Patient Engagement HIT, December 19, 2018: In a recent survey from Waystar, over 65 percent of patients reported having a social determinant of health but very few ever talk to their physicians about it. A social determinant of health (SDOH) is defined as financial, food, social, housing, and transportation security as well as a handful of other factors that could impact someone’s health. Even more troubling might be that when offered assistance with a SDOH, 46 percent of patients declined that help. This issue combined with other issues a SDOH can pose, highlight the continued importance of talking to patients about these challenges. Plus, in a value-based payment model, paying attention to social factors that influence one’s health becomes increasingly important.

ACA repeal wouldn’t stop transitions to value-based payment, efforts to lower drug spending, Modern Healthcare, December 19, 2018: No matter the future of the ACA, stakeholders are putting their foot down when it comes to halting the momentum surrounding value-based care (VBC) models. With large commercial health payers solidifying this model and expanding utilization of it, it’s hard to imagine the government wouldn’t find a workaround, with or without the ACA.  Also affected by this decision are the steps we’ve taken with preventative care and boosting biosimilars to combat rising pharmaceutical prices. Learn more in this Modern Healthcare article.

Key providers, payers tie 47% of business to value-based payment, RevCycle Intelligence, December 20, 2018: A large group of major healthcare payers are reporting that nearly half of their business is tied to value-based payment arrangements – a step closer to the goal of 75 percent by the end of 2020. This goal is held by the Healthcare Transformation Task Force, a group of leading healthcare payers, providers, purchasers and patient organizations leading the charge towards value-based care. As we inch closer to 2020, it’s important to keep this number in mind and understand where the entire healthcare industry is moving.

What we learned in 2018: Health and Medicine, NY Times, December, 20, 2018: From flu shots to mergers and the opioid epidemic, we are reminded this time of year to take a look back at the top healthcare stories from 2018. Topping the list from the NY Times this year are stories on developments in medicine, uncovering the undisclosed financial ties found in medical journals, a look into factors contributing to the reduction in opioid-related deaths and more. Take a look back at 2018 in this NY Times article.

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