Weekly News Scan: Winning patient loyalty, Beating burnout in healthcare

This week in the news, we include a look at PT in Motion’s latest feature article that dives into the causes of provider burnout and what’s being done to counteract it, the growing concern around prior authorizations and more. We hope you enjoy!

Beating Burnout, PT in Motion, February 2019: Physician burnout is the result of many factors. From productivity requirements, documentation demands and other elements of care, the physical and psychological toll of constantly being pulled in different directions can add up for providers. In this article from the APTA, Sean Hagey of the GetPT1st movement and Meredith Castin, creator of the website The Non-Clinical PT, discuss what forced them to have hard discussions with their employer or even shift into other areas of the healthcare industry. Find more in this article on what healthcare leaders are doing now to tackle burnout. 

91% of docs say prior authorization delays patient care access, Patient Engagement HIT, February 6, 2019: Prior authorizations are often noted as one of the common headache- inducing tasks in a clinic. Introduced as a way to cut costs and ensure that treatment is medically necessary, prior authorizations regularly get in the way of care and bog down administrative staff – essentially cancelling out much of the cost savings. To fight this, the AMA is calling for changes in prior authorizations rules and asking that providers and payers come together to reach a better decision for everyone involved. Learn more in this article.

What’s missing from care experiences? 1.4 million patient comments weigh in, Becker’s Hospital Review, February 1, 2019: There’s a fundamental contradiction going on in healthcare today. According to HCAHPS scores, patient satisfaction is at an all-time high – but patient loyalty has never been lower. While patients praise their doctors, they change providers without even blinking an eye. So, what do healthcare leaders do and is there even a way to fix this? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Don’t miss this article to learn what patients are saying about their care experiences and actions your clinic can take to win patient loyalty.

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