Weekly News Scan: Word-of-mouth marketing best practices, Rethinking chronic pain for patients

This week in the news, we look five best practices for word-of-mouth marketing, how physical therapists are changing their outlook and treatments on patients with chronic pain and more.  We hope you enjoy!

5 steps of word-of-mouth marketing, IMPACT Magazine, May 2019: What’s one thing all clinics have in common? It’s quite simple – the need for new patients! While it may sound simple, creating a never-ending stream of new patients can be one of the most difficult tasks for a clinic. Luckily, this is where word-of-mouth marketing and references come into play. Done right, this is a natural way of getting desirable patients who understand the benefits of physical therapy, are engaged, compliant and can pay. Don’t miss this IMPACT article by Clinicient client, Michelle Collie, to learn five ways to gain new patients through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Rewiring the brain to ease chronic pain, PT in Motion, May 2019: For as long as physical therapy has been around, PTs have provided care to patients to help restore movement and alleviate their pain. But what about patients with persistent pain? Many in the industry are now saying it is time for the profession to make pain a priority – and not only in understanding the cause of pain, but also to ensure best practices in chronic pain management are provided across all clinical settings. Learn more about what’s being done across the industry to ease chronic pain in patients and the mind shift both providers and patients are going through to get there.   

Putting healing back at the center of healthcare, Harvard Business Review (HBR), May 9, 2019: What does “healing” mean in the healthcare industry? It turns out, many things. Each instance of healing is unique and represents a physical and emotional journey through difficulty to contentment and even peace. Unfortunately, healthcare has become more focused on external forces that impede healing, like regulatory oversight and metrics that favor margin over mission, rather than focusing on the basic goal of healing. Luckily, clinicians and their institutions can reclaim healing as a core goal. Read more in this HBR article to learn how to recognize the threats to healing and how to prioritize four key principles to heal at the point of care.

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Taylor Goldsmith

Content Marketing Program Manager

Taylor Goldsmith is the Content Marketing Program Manager at Clinicient where she manages the blog, social media strategy, supports lead generation activities and more. She provides insightful direction to a variety of other daily Clinicient activities and brings to her team knowledge of core and emerging marketing strategies. Taylor earned a Public Relations degree from the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. In her spare time, she likes to travel, explore the Portland food scene, and cheer on the Oregon Ducks.

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