Year in Review: Our Top 10 Blogs of 2018

This year, we’ve seen a lot of new and innovative ideas come out of the outpatient rehab world – and here at Clinicient, we’ve been following closely. I’ve gathered together our top 10 blog posts of the year to highlight our favorite topics and trends.

Below you’ll find best practices for clinic success, how to survive amidst changing reimbursement models, need to know Medicare updates, what inspired the top PTs this year and much more. As we look forward to 2019, I hope this collection will be informative and entertaining and will encourage you to continue thinking outside the box.

  1. 10 Can’t Miss Value-based Care Stats: It’s not surprising to me that our most read blog published in 2018 is around value-based care. Arguably one of the most talked about healthcare topics of 2018, value-based care is now moving rapidly towards the outpatient rehab industry thanks to programs like MIPS. Don’t miss this blog for 10 stats that demonstrate the transition to value-based payments.
  2. Six Influential PTs and What’s Inspiring them in 2018: I first did this post back in 2017 and have loved authoring it ever since. Working with influential PTs in the start of a new year never ceases to inspire me and I hope you feel the same when you read it. In the 2018 edition, I welcomed thought leaders and up and comers in our industry and discussed changing reimbursement, how we can move therapy up the healthcare value chain and much more.
  3. Four Traits of High Performing Occupational Therapists: I was thrilled to welcome Clinicient client and practice owner, Jenna Coe, back on our blog in April 2018. This time she helped us celebrate National Occupational Therapy Month with a look at four traits of high performing occupational therapists.
  4. Breaking News: CMS Proposes retiring FLR in 2019: As you might’ve heard by now, CMS officially announced it is retiring FLR requirements in 2019. While this was originally posted in July when we only had the proposed rule, it’s a good overview of what this change means.
  5. The CPT Code Factory: What’s Next for Evaluation Codes: Leave it to our founder, Jerry Henderson, to compare CPT codes to an imaginary widget factory. While Jerry tells an absurd story about a craftsman in a widget shop, the story does shed light on the also absurd process for changing CPT codes and the rationale for the final decision. Read this blog to learn more about CPT codes, the role the APTA is playing and more.
  6. Six Physical Therapy Barriers We Must Break Down: We welcomed the team at BetterPT as guest bloggers this year and couldn’t be happier! This post of theirs made it into the top 10 all about the stigmas and barriers surrounding physical therapy that our industry must break down. Find their other posts here.
  7. Clinicient Announces InsightGO Documentation Tools: We proudly announced InsightGO this year, bringing the outpatient rehab industry the next generation of clinical documentation tools. Ever since this was announced we’ve been perfecting the therapist tools within InsightGO and look forward to introducing the InsightGO platform for other user roles in 2019 and beyond.
  8. Four Methods to Prevent Burnout in Physical Therapy: Another new blogger we welcomed this year was Palak Shah, DPT, from Luna. Known as the Uber of physical therapy, the team at Luna has opened up a new way for people to access and work with physical therapists and I’ve loved having Luna’s Head of Physical Therapy on our blog. Don’t miss this blog on how to prevent physician burnout in PT.
  9. MIPS 101: What you need to know about the Merit-based Incentive Payment System: MIPS has taken the outpatient rehab industry by storm – and 2019 is only the beginning. Get up to speed on MIPS before the new year in the blog and learn what you need to do to be successful in this new program from CMS.
  10. The One Simply Strategy To Prioritizing Your Daily To-Do List: If you’re still looking for a new year’s resolution, check out this blog from our VP of Client Success, Doug Schumann. This is a great resource if you’re looking for ways to get more time back in your day in 2019. Don’t miss Doug’s follow up on seven strategies to get through your to-do list.

Additionally, these posts below continue to be big hits on our blog:

100 Most Influential People in Physical Therapy: Wondering who the movers, shakers and trailblazers are of the PT world? While this blog was posted in 2016, it continues to provide informational content around who is innovating and leading the way in physical therapy.

10 Mobile Apps for Every PT, OT and SLP: Who doesn’t love a good app? While I love finding one, I don’t love the process of sorting through them all (did you know there are over 2 million apps available for iOS devices?). Don’t worry, we’ve done the sorting for you. Don’t miss our list of the top 10 apps for every PT, OT and SLP.

Six Strategies for Building a Successful Home Exercise Plan: Back by popular demand, Sarah Haag was back on our blog in 2017! This time, she brought her knowledge of home exercise plans and the six tips she has for building plans that her patients stick to (hint: keep it simple silly!). Learn more from Sarah in this blog.

10 Most Connected Women in Physical Therapy: We first wrote this in honor of the inaugural Women in PT Summit in 2017 but the list holds true today. This top 10 list is full of leading females in PT, but, to be honest, it doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of incredible female therapy entrepreneurs in our industry. Take a look and follow these women online to be inspired in 2019.

Top 5 OT TED Talks for Students and Practitioners: Last but not least, this guest blog from Bill Wong, OTD, OTR/L is a must read for any TED talk fan. Bill is a well-known occupational therapist and one of the most influential OTs on Twitter. He is also one of the few OTs to have the honor of doing multiple TED talks and he loves to promote talks from other OTs in the industry. Don’t miss this list of his five favorite OT talks for students and practitioners.

There you have it! Our top ten (and then some) blogs of the year. I can’t wait to see what next year holds. Here’s to success and more blogging in 2019!


Taylor Goldsmith

Content Marketing Program Manager

Taylor Goldsmith is the Content Marketing Program Manager at Clinicient where she manages the blog, social media strategy, supports lead generation activities and more. She provides insightful direction to a variety of other daily Clinicient activities and brings to her team knowledge of core and emerging marketing strategies. Taylor earned a Public Relations degree from the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. In her spare time, she likes to travel, explore the Portland food scene, and cheer on the Oregon Ducks.

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