Physical Therapist With Customer
Holistic practice management from patient to payment.

Patient to Payment

If you feel like outpatient rehab has gotten more difficult since you got your degree, you’re not alone. Just staying compliant and getting paid what you rightfully deserve can be more than a job in itself. And the rules of the game keep changing. Which makes an EMR alone insufficient for today’s challenges.

That’s why Clinicient takes a holistic approach to practice management that covers everything from the physician referral to patient care and practice management through to payment. Other, partial solutions for just EMR or EMR with “integrated” billing leave many gaps causing inefficiencies, reducing payments and increasing audit risks. We deliver a superior solution called INSIGHT that combines:

  • EMR and billing in a single system
  • Process automation that removes error-prone, time-consuming work
  • Proven practices and collective intelligence
  • And the services of an experienced team

INSIGHT streamlines documentation, eliminates inefficient manual work, drives faster payments— and gets you back to your patients. The result is increased compliance, more payment, collected faster and improvements in patient care management and the patient experience.

Learn more about of INSIGHT platform here.