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Remember why you started.

Automation of Therapy Practice Workflow

Odds are you didn’t become a therapist to report G-codes, apply modifiers, verify benefits and submit claims. Just a few of the time-intensive tasks that are necessary if you want to get paid. That’s where we come in. Clinicient automates the majority of busy work around care delivery so you get paid fuller, faster -- freeing you to focus on what really matters: the patient. If that speaks to your inner therapist, contact us for a free evaluation of how we can help.

Do more of what you love. And less of what you hate.

There are 29 tasks that are common in running a practice. By automating 21 of these time-consuming activities, Clinicient liberates therapists and staff to work with patients and grow the business:

Clinicient Total INSIGHT Process Innovation

Removing work. Injecting knowledge.

Admittedly, “automating processes” sounds a bit cold and clinical. But don’t let that throw you. It’s really about working smarter by having software automatically do things that otherwise consume valuable man hours. And doing it better, because data is automatically populated across both clinical and financial functions, reducing error, and subsequently, denials. This system intelligence optimizes every part of your business, by continually adding learning to reporting and payer rules engines every time it’s used.


In an ideal scenario, a therapist isn't interacting with software at all... they're simply interacting with the patient.

Jeremy CaderVP Product Innovation and Engineering


Therapist Joan Ward

The fact that I have human beings managing data is about the silliest and stupidest thing I could have done.

Joan WardActivePT & Sports