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Therapy billing and claims management that get you paid fuller, faster.

Physical & Occupational Therapy Billing, Collections and Claims

We’ve processed nearly $1 billion in collections and millions of insurance claims from thousands of payers in nearly every state. This collective experience is paying off, our Total INSIGHT customers saw a double-digit year-over-year revenue increase in the first year.

How do we do it? A unique combination of our powerful EMR/billing software platform, process automation and the partnership of a dedicated team of billing and collections professionals. Backed by our proven platform, they work with complex PT billing and collection issues daily, to help you:

  • Bill completely and compliantly
  • Speed collections with daily billing, payment posting and follow up
  • Collect more of what you’re rightfully owed
  • Reduce manual work that bogs down your team

Therapy Billing and Claims Management Features

Standard billing services — even those dedicated to physical therapy billing, occupational therapy billing and speech therapy billing software — are incapable of doing what our software platform, services and billing and collections pros can do:

Patient Intake
  • Electronic eligibility verification
  • Automated alerts and notifications for missing patient intake elements
Claims Submission
  • One-click claim processing
  • Real-time claim submission (paper and electronic)
  • Claim validation against rules editor
  • Pre-populated PQRS codes for selection
  • Payer rules editor
  • EOB & Receipt Management
  • Post ERAs to eliminate manual posting efforts
  • Payer rules allow for complex ERA posting
  • Paper payment posting when required
A/R Management
  • Corrections queue prevents claim rejections and denials
  • Appeals support
  • Rejection/denial analysis for prevention
  • Payer follow up and claim reprocessing
  • Auto claims statusing
Patient Payments
  • Automated processing, review and mailing of patient statements
  • Toll-free customer service for patient inquiries
Metrics Reporting
  • Monthly preparation of KPI Metrics that help inform decisions
  • Monthly data driven coaching and account review
  • Perform period close and monthly financials
Therapist Joan Ward

Automated billing is a beautiful thing. I only regret not doing this sooner.

Joan WardActivePT & Sports