• Manage Patient to Payment

    Manage Patient to Payment

    Fully integrated EMR, Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

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  • Physical Therapy EMR

    Perfect for practices who do not need a billing solution.

    • Leader in Medicare compliance
    • Easy to customize PT, OT and SLP templates
    • Includes patient registration and scheduling
    • Home Exercise Program integration

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  • Practice Management

    Perfect for practices who need EMR and prefer to do their own billing

    • One system for EMR and Billing, web-based
    • Leader in Medicare compliance and efficiency
    • Built-in payer rules and automated coding
    • Practice performance reporting

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  • Billing Services

    Perfect for practices who prefer to outsource their billing and need EMR

    • Proven to increase collections, decrease denials
    • Includes FREE use of patient scheduling and EMR software
    • Full transparency to patient accounts and financials
    • Monthly practice performance reviews

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Training Camp on Getting the Most out of Your Referrals

Keep the Seats Filled Every year at this time, we see football teams in training camp, working to ensure that the stadium seats will be filled for the season. Nobody likes an empty stadium, just as no therapy practice likes empty appointment slots on their schedule. In order to keeping therapist’s schedules full, you need to take on a “training camp” attitude. Is your practice getting the most value out of your referrals? Are your


Our Top 5 Most Read Medicare Compliance Blogs

The label dork elicits different reactions from different people. Here at Clinicient, we wear it like a badge of honor. We are Medicare compliance dorks. We live, breathe and sleep it. As we pour our morning coffee, we think what compliance curve balls CMS may throw at the industry. Our water cooler conversations typically involve the words G-Codes, Functional Limitation Reporting and Manual Medical Review. The best way to get our faces to turn red


Knock, Knock, the Auditors Are Here

Sinking doom and bubbling anxiety. That is how many physical therapists feel when they find out they are being audited by Medicare. Kennedy Hawkins has been there. A physical therapist and cofounder of PT Northwest in Salem, OR, he not only survived a lengthy Medicare audit, but received effusive praise for his documentation from an initially poker faced auditor. Praise from a Medicare auditor? Spotting Big Foot loping through a forest may be more likely.