• Manage Patient to Payment

    Manage Patient to Payment

    Fully integrated EMR, Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

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  • Physical Therapy EMR

    Perfect for practices who do not need a billing solution.

    • Leader in Medicare compliance
    • Easy to customize PT, OT and SLP templates
    • Includes patient registration and scheduling
    • Home Exercise Program integration

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  • Practice Management

    Perfect for practices who need EMR and prefer to do their own billing

    • One system for EMR and Billing, web-based
    • Leader in Medicare compliance and efficiency
    • Built-in payer rules and automated coding
    • Practice performance reporting

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  • Billing Services

    Perfect for practices who prefer to outsource their billing and need EMR

    • Proven to increase collections, decrease denials
    • Includes FREE use of patient scheduling and EMR software
    • Full transparency to patient accounts and financials
    • Monthly practice performance reviews

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What’s Up with the Medicare Therapy Cap?

The arbitrary and unfair Medicare Cap is the dark cloud that has hovered over rehab professionals since 1997. I am still waiting for it to lift. Recent legislative activity has signaled that it may happen in the foreseeable future. A critical mass has formed in the U.S. House of Representatives in support of ending the Cap. This means no more tracking the complex Medicare Fee Schedule and Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction to apply the KX


Are You Selling Your Therapist’s Time in Your Physical Therapy Practice?

Lets take a trip down memory lane for a moment and revisit a great blog written last year by Clinicient President, Jim Plymale, on how effectively you sell your therapists time. Don’t Be Afraid of the “S” Word:  We’re all in Sales  I was talking with @Jerry_DurhamPT at the APTA Combined Sections meeting in San Diego, CA in January and we were discussing the fact that most physical therapists wouldn’t see themselves as salespeople. Jerry


Webinar: Turning Referrals into Loyal Patients

Your patients have overcome a gauntlet of barriers to see you. High deductibles. High copays. Mandatory referrals. A lengthy pre-authorization processes. Despite their initially firm resolve to get physical therapy, over 50 percent of patients drop out of treatment before it is over. Why? Because while many physical therapists excel at clinical treatment, few manage their referral’s overall experience. Join Jerry Durham, PT, San Francisco Sport and Spine, and Jim Plymale, president of Clinicient, in