• Manage Patient to Payment

    Manage Patient to Payment

    Fully integrated EMR, Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

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  • Physical Therapy EMR

    Perfect for practices who do not need a billing solution.

    • Leader in Medicare compliance
    • Easy to customize PT, OT and SLP templates
    • Includes patient registration and scheduling
    • Home Exercise Program integration

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  • Practice Management

    Perfect for practices who need EMR and prefer to do their own billing

    • One system for EMR and Billing, web-based
    • Leader in Medicare compliance and efficiency
    • Built-in payer rules and automated coding
    • Practice performance reporting

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  • Billing Services

    Perfect for practices who prefer to outsource their billing and need EMR

    • Proven to increase collections, decrease denials
    • Includes FREE use of patient scheduling and EMR software
    • Full transparency to patient accounts and financials
    • Monthly practice performance reviews

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Defensible Medicare Documentation Made Simple

I have written extensively about the technical requirements for Medicare Compliance, and I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Nancy Beckley called Medicare Made Simple. I think the webinar gave a good, high level introduction about technical Medicare Requirements, and I hope that you find it useful. Defensible Documentation I would like to step away from the technical requirements a bit in this article, and offer some basic advice on creating Defensible Documentation. These


Why EMR Implementations Fail in Physical Therapy

Remember, there is only one major reason that some EMR implementations fail: therapist adoption of the system. In the worst case, the clinical staff either explicitly rebels against using the system. More commonly, the staff simply refuses to adapt to the system and use it as designed. If the therapist refuses to use the system as it was configured and as designed, it just won’t live up to the potential that was envisioned in the sales process


Postponing Real Reform: ICD-10, Therapy Cap and Medicare Fee Schedule

ICD-10 Implementation Delayed Until 2015 A  few hours ago, I was huddled together with some of my colleagues at Clinicient to watch an important Senate vote.  It was an important vote for our profession, but sad to say, it wasn’t a vote on meaningful healthcare reform. It was yet another vote to postpone real reform and kick the can down the road. Among many things, it postponed a 24% cut in the Medicare Fee Schedule,