Expert revenue collections.

Collect more, faster without the costs, risks, and time required to manage an in-house billing team.

Revenue Cycle Management

Focus on what matters most and leave the collections to us.

Experience an instant increase in net collections and automatically improve your average days to collect with Insight RCM.
Net Collections Rate
Days in Accounts Receivable
First Pass Payment Rate

What’s included?

Dedicated RCM Manager

Dedicated Revenue Cycle Manager

We’ll scrub and submit your claims daily and negotiate when necessary. We also manage payer intel, payment posting, A/R management, and clearinghouse requirements. With Insight RCM you can expect:
  • Single point of contact
  • Dedicated payer intelligence team managing billing rules (per carrier, per state)
  • Clearinghouse administration for enrollment of electronic claims and payments
  • Coaching to best practices
Automated Billing Workflows

Automated Billing Workflows

Designed to take the “work” out of your revenue collections workflows we manage the entire collections process for PT, OT, and SLP organizations and automate tedious billing tasks with:
  • Proactive workflows reduce denials and improve average days to collect
  • One-click constant claims submission
  • Auto-posting of ERA’s
  • Claims Attachments
  • Appeals Packages
Rigorous KPI Benchmark Management

Rigorous KPI Benchmarking

With rigorous benchmarks above MGMA’s account receivable standards, we are laser-focused on your success. We identify, track, and monitor the KPIs that matter most for your financial success such as:
  • Net Collections
  • First Pass Payment Rate
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Denials
  • Claims Rejections
  • Days A/R
Quick-look financial intelligence

Quick-Look Financial Intelligence

Make intelligent, informed business decisions. Insight RCM provides easy access to a comprehensive suite of financial reporting metrics.
  • Cash Collection
  • Denial Management
  • Claims Research
  • A/R Management
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Period Reports

Which is right for you?

Billing Software

Billing Software

You have an in-house billing team.
You’d rather manage claim submission and tracking.
Your billers live and breathe insurance regulations.
You want your billing software integrated with your EMR.

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Fully Managed
RCM Service

RCM: Fully Managed Service

You want a team of experts to manage revenue collections.
You are a small team with limited billing resources.
You need an extra back office.
You’d rather someone else manage your claims.

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