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About Clinicient

What we do

We transform outpatient rehabilitation by eliminating the work that stands between therapists, their patients and collections.

Industry-Leading Technologies

Our INSIGHT platform is a single EMR/billing system developed specifically for outpatient rehab, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. The INSIGHT platform supports both the clinical and financial sides of a clinic, helping generate cleaner claims that get paid sooner. By automating manual tasks like referrals, patient reminders, claims, denials and payments, it allows therapists and administrative staff to devote their energies to patient care and growing the practice.

Industry-Leading Services

Although Clinicient employs world-class software developers, we are not a software company. We are a team of care delivery experts from all corners of the industry – therapists, payers, practice owners, practice analysts – who’ve combined decades of collective expertise with one mission in mind: advising our clients on how to build the perfect practice – from a clinical, outcomes and financial perspective.

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How we work

Ask Clinicient clients what they like most about working with us, and they’ll say “the people.” Ask our employees, and they’ll say the same thing. We’re proud of our company culture: an environment where everyone is empowered to look out for our clients and one another, to do whatever it takes to succeed together.

Read about our Core Values

  • Deliver exceptional results.

    Success can be predictable. It’s a product of preparation, attention to every detail and flawless execution. How you achieve results is as important as getting results, so respect your clients and colleagues. Be proactive and work with a sense of urgency – like you own the place. When you take ownership, expectations for yourself and others increase. You will inspect what you expect and find success in the details.

  • Be honest and transparent.

    We seek to understand. We are focused on our goals and we can’t let misunderstanding or confusion cloud our vision. There is no time or place for hidden agendas. We must communicate directly – to the point of over communication – and go directly to the person who will help the team succeed. We listen and we respect the differences we may have in opinion and approach.

  • Find a better way.

    We want you to be creative and take calculated risks without fear of failure. We work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment so we want you to embrace and fearlessly drive change without worry about corporate titles or protocol. We are all “agents of change” and we all need to pull in the direction of being part of a solution. Our goal is to set the bar so high that nobody can do it better than us. How will we know? Our “raving Clinicient fans” will tell us and they will spread the word to others.

  • Fail fast. Succeed faster.

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. We want you to take chances as though you have never failed before. Learn from your mistakes, share what you’ve learned and everyone gets smarter. Be creative, develop your ideas and sell them tenaciously to your management and your colleagues. You can be assured that we are listening to you. The more exchange and communication of ideas the better – just be sure that if you disagree with someone you do it respectfully and commit your support anyway.

  • Coach more. Shoot less.

    We are here to make everyone around us better. We are coaching for growth, both internally as well as externally. It’s an unselfish attitude – to develop others and transfer knowledge freely. While we value the contribution of individuals, we place just as much value on the team you are on and the overall success of the company. The most important measure is the team “win”, not individual statistics. We are creating an environment for learning and improvement where you can make a difference by collaborating and sharing in the success of your team.

  • Enjoy the journey.

    Change is the only constant in our industry, so it is true that “there is no finish line.” We are constantly improving, perfecting. The job is never done, so we resolve to celebrate our accomplishments and laugh often. We work to build and reinforce positive relationships both inside and outside. Those relationships work best when we function positively as a team. We will not tolerate building silos – positive energy feeds our teams and that energy must flow across the entire organization.

Who we are

Every decision we make is informed, first and foremost, by a deep understanding that we are responsible for protecting our clients’ interest – their data, their finances, their value in the market. And in a dynamic industry like healthcare, innovating is often the surest way we protect – automating the things that distract from patient care and building new referrals into large populations like lower back pain and joint replacement. We partner this way because our financial interests are aligned with our clients – as they grow we grow.

Join us

There are many companies out there vying for talent. Which makes what they offer to you just as important as what you offer to them. At Clinicient, you have the chance to be an impact player in a dynamic, open, results-oriented culture that is growing just as rapidly as the industry it's helping to transform.

  • Payer Intelligence Analyst

    The Payer Set-Up Analyst is a key player in the Operations Team.  They are tasked with the responsibility of timely and accurate execution of the payer set up, so bills can go out correctly the first time.

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  • Client Executive

    As the Client Executive you are the senior owner and voice of the client relationship from contract signing and will be in a unique position to work cross-functionally to ensure expectations are met consistently across the organization.   Client performance against KPI’s and customer satisfaction ratings will be primary measures of success in this position.

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  • Denial Specialist

    The Denial Specialist role focuses on working denied claims and resolving incomplete claims.  Focused efforts will be on any claim in the over 90 day bucket.

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  • Junior QA Engineer

    The Junior QA Engineer is responsible for working with the software development team, product management, and customer support to create a high level of customer satisfaction by assuring the quality of the Clinicient software product offering.  They will be responsible for learning new processes and maintaining quality and efficiency with existing and new product development.

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  • Director of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

    This new role will be a critical component to the future of Clinicient.  The core focus will be to supervise an integrated team who will focus their efforts on revenue optimization for the organization.  The role will be involved in overseeing and actively managing revenue cycle projects that have a positive impact on the client and organizational bottom-line.

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  • Payment Poster

    The Claims Ops Payment Poster is responsible to post all electronic remittance advices and reconcile deposits within the database.

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