Photo of smiling PT patient.
It Starts with One

These are the stories that inspire us. Stories of patients who are living richer, fuller lives thanks to caring and committed therapists. Read on and get inspired too.

Inspiring Stories

Climbing to new heights after knee replacement

PT patient hiking after knee surgery.

Within six months of a planned backpacking trip in New Zealand, I had a total knee replacement. I feared the trip would be called off, but because of physical therapy, I hiked with no issues. Since then, I’ve hiked in Switzerland, the Olympic National Forest and the High Sierra Mountain Range - all thanks to PT.

Don H.

Enjoying playtime with friends

Toddler playing with blocks and shapes.

My daughter has developmental delays that made it hard for her to participate in normal toddler life. Thanks to therapy, she is now walking and talking. I owe everything to our pediatric therapists, who worked with her for over two years. Therapy works!

Thea L.

Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for debilitating shoulder pain

PT patient and physical therapist talking.

I had excruciating shoulder pain that prevented my normal activities. I went to doctor after doctor. No one knew what was wrong. Finally I went to a PT, who examined me and pinpointed the problem. He suggested I see an orthopedic surgeon and get an MRI. I did. After the proper diagnosis, I had spinal surgery, followed up by PT. I now am back to normal function again.

Herb B.

Competing again in soccer... pain-free

Young PT patient kicking a soccer ball.

My 15-year-old daughter is an avoid soccer player.  She also has Osgood-Schlatter disease, a painful knee condition found in active and growing teenagers. It was so painful, she couldn’t play a whole game.  She started PT. After two trips to PT, she is now playing full games pain-free.  She is happy, so Mom is happy.

Jennifer T.

Playing guitar after a crushing injury

PT patient playing a guitar.

I didn’t think I’d ever play guitar again after being bucked off a horse and crushing the radius bone and suffering nerve damage in my hand. Thanks to PT, I was able to play songs on the guitar and sing for my niece’s wedding.

Lynn A.

Talking with confidence against the odds

Children playing with legos.

My little brother was born with Downs Syndrome and wasn't expected to talk. My stubborn mom kept pushing until she was referred to a speech therapist. She did wonders! She helped him learn to talk and raised his confidence and social abilities. Thanks to speech therapy, my brother has more of a “normal” life.

Jennifer M.