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Rev up your revenue with all-in-one therapy EMR and billing software

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Physical and Occupational therapy billing software to empower your team

Our powerful single system for EMR and billing was built specifically for outpatient therapy businesses and provides the most proven, reliable platform for your billing team. It brings together efficient workflow tools, automated processes, billing rules and payer intelligence to get you paid more, faster and with less manual work.

Provide a solid foundation for revenue success.

Does your billing team need to jump between systems and two patient records to complete billing? With our single system for therapy EMR and billing, everything your billing team needs to effectively manage therapy billing and collection tasks are together at last.

  • The first system with one single patient record
  • Information entered only once eliminating duplicate work
  • Claims always match documentation
  • Seamless workflow for fast, efficient claims processing

Don't hate. Automate.

Therapy billing can bog down your team with excessive amounts of paperwork before a payer cuts you a check. It shouldn't. Our system is optimized for therapy billing and automates two-thirds of the traditionally labor-intensive tasks associated with billing and collections including:

  • Insurance eligibility and benefits verification
  • Claim review and submissions
  • Denial handling
  • Payment processing and remittance advice
  • Claims corrections and resubmission
  • Payer follow up to ensure you’re paid in full

Optimize charges and get paid everything you're rightfully owed.

Our physical therapy and OT billing software takes the guesswork out of charge capture, aggregation and billing, and automates workflows to get you paid everything you should for the great care you deliver.

  • Automated charge capture and aggregation
  • Automated coding to optimize allowed billable units
  • Charge verification prior to claim submission
  • Continually updated billing rules and payer intelligence

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The challenges before I found Clinicient revolved around human error. Joan WardActive PT Sports, MN

Goodbye to high denials and hello to better cash flow.

Get paid faster and keep your revenue on track with our automated claims processing, denial management and analytical tools. Not only will they help prevent denials from happening in the first place, but they’ll help you uncover and resolve issues that cause denials enabling you to prevent them from reoccurring.

  • Electronic eligibility and benefits verification
  • Automated alerts for missing intake information
  • Automated insurance authorization and Medicare allowable tracking
  • Pre-submission claim scrubbing
  • Denial alerting, tracking and processing
  • Denial analysis and payer follow-up tools

Gain a holistic view of your financial health.

Our single system for EMR and billing software, delivers unparalleled reporting tools and analytics so you always know where you stand and can root out potential issues that could impact cash flow and revenue.

  • Combined clinical and financial metrics gives you a complete view of your practice health
  • Centralized place for all your practice metrics, KPIs and benchmarks
  • Dashboard reporting with drill downs makes it easy to uncover performance issues so you can take action
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