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EMR designed for and by outpatient rehab therapists

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists deserve a system designed with them in mind. Learn what to look for in an EMR system with our free evaluation guide. 

The simpler, smarter EMR for PTs, OTs, and SLPs.

Clinicient’s web-based documentation and billing software for physical, occupational, and speech therapists simplifies care delivery and optimizes practice workflows. Our fully integrated EMR, billing, patient engagement, and practice management system allows you to do it all with less clicking, scrolling, window pop-ups, and fewer passwords. Our HIPAA-compliant EMR system is proven to:

  • Cover the entire patient journey, from intake to outcomes to patient payment.
  • Provide a simple, fast solution for scheduling, documentation, billing, and practice reporting.
  • Reduce compliance errors and simplify the billing process.
  • Untether your team from busy work, providing you with more time with your patients.

Customizable rehab therapy documentation to fit your practice and specialty.

Choose the right solution for your practice without having to settle for more or less than what you need. Once implemented, Clinicient can be fully interoperable with existing clinic services. Our complete platform offers all the solutions needed to support the full business cycle for rehab therapy organizations of all sizes.

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Untether your team with faster, on-the-go documentation.

With our mobile-friendly, web-based therapy documentation software, InsightGO, clinics can access our most flexible suite of EMR tools. InsightGO allows therapists to document compliantly on mobile devices, access multiple patient charts easily, communicate via staff-to-staff chat, and save time with accessible tools, smart alerts, and a simplified interface, all at no additional cost.

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Practice management software that inspires and supports your team.

Our platform’s intuitive design, customizable templates, and intelligent workflow tools keep your team focused on patient care. Plus, with built-in help features, a community discussion portal, and our dedicated support staff, your team can easily get up-to-speed on how to harness our platform quickly and efficiently.

Simplify care delivery for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy clinics.

Our Clinicient platform will empower your team to work smarter, not harder. Optimize workflows, improve outcomes, and increase revenue with our top-rated EMR and practice management solutions.

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Rated #1 easiest-to-use rehab therapy documentation software by reviewers on G2!

Do your best work with efficient, connected clinical and financial tools.

Top-rated Physical Therapy EMR Software, Occupational Therapy EMR Software and Speech Therapy EMR Software

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Insight EMR and InsightGO?

Clinicient’s EMR platform is a web-based documentation solution for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. Being web-based, clinics can access our EMR from any location with a secure internet connection. Each clinic staff member will have a unique login to access patient charts, physician schedules, analytics, or other admin-approved applications within the service. Our Empower community and built-in “walk me” tool* allows users to learn the software quickly, with the option to contact our team if they need further support.

To learn more about our EMR and other software services, schedule a demo today or contact our team at or 1.877.252.4774.

*Our “walk me” tool is exclusive to InsightGO.

What are the differences between traditional EMR solutions and EMR for outpatient rehab therapy clinics? 

While many electronic medical record software offers similar features, not all EMRs accommodate outpatient rehab therapy’s unique workflows nor take into consideration the additional regulations put in place by payers like Medicare and Medicaid. Outpatient rehab therapists require additional steps to maintain compliance compared to traditional physicians, like primary physician referrals and signoffs, outcomes or functional tracking, and strict billing and coding parameters for claims.

At Clinicient, we work closely with physical, occupational, and speech therapists to design an EMR that matches and automates their workflow to maximize their time with patients and prevent clinic bottlenecks. Our system includes features that benefit therapists, like customizable documentation templates or Medicare tracking alerts, so your clinic can function effectively and compliantly. Plus, with smart alerts and billing integrations, our system is designed to minimize coding and claim errors for faster payments. Traditional EMRs simply aren’t built the same.

What features does Clinicient's EMR and billing platform offer? 

The Clinicient platform offers a wide array of features to benefit outpatient rehab therapists, including:

  • Customizable documentation templates
  • Telehealth and online patient scheduling and intake
  • Goal and progress tracking
  • Medicare tracking alerts
  • Claims modifier generation
  • Customizable billing and payer rules
  • Clinical and financial reporting and analytics
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • And so much more

To hear about all our software’s features for outpatient rehab organizations, schedule a demo today or contact our team at or 1.877.252.4774.